Forum team/mods/admins

Do we have any type of ‘alert’ sign that appears when we receive a reply/like or comment.

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Anyone can change their notification setting on their profile.

I have updated yours to always. So hopefully you should now see your likes (by clicking on your avatar)

Oh oki doki…thanks…as you can see not much of a technophobe, but darn’t press anything in case I mess everything up…cheers.

Can anyone explain to me why This is Anfield closed?
Or is it a secret ? :grin:

No secret at all, mate. Matt and Max had their focus firmly on running the TIA main site, since quite some time. A while ago, they informed us that they wanted to scrap the forum part of TIA, as it didn’t really drive a lot of traffic towards the main site, which was their main interest. They also wanted to cut the costs and the effort to keep it running.

So, we (the mods) decided to create this place in order for this community to still have a place for discussing things around LFC.


I understand, it was that I just visited TIA and the site has closed. So it seems that the new forum (Which is great btw) is all that’s left. Thanks for explaining it though.

? It’s still there, all bar the forums

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Any chance anyone can keep the threads on topic? going all over the place in the uk politics,trump threads at the moment?

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@ubermick is online

Hope you're well mate!
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Great Halloween presents guys, thanks a ton. :blush:
I actually freaked out when the first spider crept out. :joy: But that’s because there’s lots of bugs in my house. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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Who else tried to wipe the little gnat thingy off the screen???


Dunno. Which poster are you talking about?


Mods, you guys owe me a new pc monitor…


I saw the spider and tried to catch it for a pre breakfast snack. :yum:

Someone on the mod team is an evil fucker :rofl:


Mods, this comment towards me in the US election thread (because I took umbrage at an image posted seemingly with the intent to provoke given the public reaction to it elsewhere in the previous 24 hours),

“Or would you prefer they were still blowing up city centres because it offends your purity”

It’s still there. It hasn’t been withdrawn, it hasn’t been edited, it hasn’t been moderated and I’ve received no apology…

That’s considered ok, is it? Just wondering where the line’s being drawn if suggesting a poster might welcome the killing of innocent men, women and children doesn’t cross it.

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Bit of gall for you to be taking umbrage at feedback from posts in the US Election thread really isn’t it.

…And we’re off.


Which post(s) of mine do you have issue with?

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I’d have to say that to my eye there is a slight disconnect in some instances. Mascot, I have a lot of respect for you bud but sometimes you do play the man instead of the ball and can add some sense of disrespect felt. I personally remember a similar sort of Gif posted from you, which you deleted very quickly to be fair although I did see it, when there was a discussion about comments made from TIA that I felt were misrepresented and so I argued the point and I personally felt that your response was quite derisive and I was quite unsure why. The above is similarly derisive, I feel.

I had a post reported when there was an insinuation in jest in reply to another comment about Pickford which was duly moderated and removed when it all felt a little over the top to me but a similarly and provocative post such as the one mentioned by Kopstar gets that reaction? Don’t get me wrong, I like the opinion of both posters here, and generally yourself as well, so this is not a case of upsmanship but simply pondering at the standard. I understand it is all subjective at the end of the day but a little courtesy at times would not go amiss.


Where you compared Trump supporters to remainers?

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