Forum Update May 2024

Hi Guys,

I have done the first part of the update. To improve security changed the backend. We have moved from an old version of Ubuntu to the latest version. I have also increased the swap file , which I hope will improve performance.

The forum software has been updated to the latest version.

Tomorrow I will be working on more of the cosmetic and features side.

Sorry for the inconvence guys. :slight_smile:



Was having trouble earlier logging in, but is working fine now. Is it maybe worth sending an email notification as before being able to log in, the site would time out, so I wouldn’t have been able to see the banner with the email address to report issues to.

This is just an idea and suggestion

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Sorry it was timing out because update (taken the last 6 hours :slight_smile: ) due to a few hiccups.

But good idea to send out group email !

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Sorry the software update has stuffed up some of the skins.

These are temporarily removed.

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No worries @ISMF. From my perspective anyway, TAN is a brilliantly functional and reliable website and you (plural) deserve great credit for its smooth running.


As you know…I’m not very tech savvy…so I’m grateful for any help and advice you give.:blush::blush::blush:

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Happened to me, it switched over night to Christmas darkmode.
And I have never used that skin before.

I just switched it back to a normal darkmode skin, it’s OK for now.

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Good luck with all this technical stuff @ISMF .
As long as it’s all working fine by the start of ‘next’ season I’ll be happy.

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@ISMF for TAN PotY.

Also, where’s GIF button?

Biscuit be like…

Happy Dogs GIF by Unscreen

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Has the font changed?

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Can I please get my font back ? I have used the old Christmas font with red and green for ages now and this white and harsh red, with pale red on top, grills my eyes and is truly uncomfortable.

There is also red in the white, when I also post. It is glaring and incredibly uncomfortable. Hope for old options of fonts back, this is painful and I do not exaggerate. I will certainly use the forum less if this burning red is made permanent.

Edit: I understand this is just a passing thing, I misunderstood and thought it permanent. Sorry.

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Sorry about that.

  • Fonts now fixed.
  • Changed default skin to Default Red/Red, which should be nice clean skin
  • gifs now updated (sourced from different site). Should be much faster and better than before.


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Hey TAN overlords,

I just used to sign up to OnlyFans.

Could one of you please click on the link to confirm my account?


I’ve already done it and uploaded the first video on your behalf