Fulham vs Liverpool: League Cup Semifinals, second-leg; January 24, 20:00 GMT


Boruc was a lunatic :rofl:

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Agreed. Minutes here and against Norwich and then ready for Chelsea!

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I think the fact that it is so much more important for them than it is for us may be the deciding factor.
Hope I’m wrong.


Yes my bad! Boruc would have been way better.

I wonder how quickly they will go at it.

We don’t have to win the tie so I feel it plays in to our hands.

Hopefully we take a lead in this game and then give Gordon, McConnell and Beck some minutes as well as resting some of our starters. Looks like we will need the whole squad to chip in if we are going for four trophies again.

Nunez and Jota a half a piece, Gakpo gets a full game. Quansah for Konate. Gravenberch to start. Progression and no injuries please


We’re at home to Norwich on Sunday. I’d rather we rotate then.

Fulham showed in the first match that they won’t be pushovers; we underestimate them at our peril.


I agree I expect us to be full strength, or close to it, and then rotate the squad for Norwich.


Hope Trent, Robbo and Dom will return but I wouldn’t start them too soon. Trent would probably be the only one of them I’d start against Chelsea. Robbo and Dom from bench can make a huge difference.

Imo your always wrong!

Excusez moi Monsieur! Who got the Bournemouth line up spot on five days before the match?

By the way, there’s a nasty smell in room 405. I think a rodent has perished in there. Please attend to it at once!

I have no idea I just look at what Klopp puts out as he’s always right even if imo he’s wrong! :rofl:

I think it would be wise to rotate the front 3 regardless just to keep that fresh especially with Salah same goes for Graverberch and Quansah.

Rest of the team picks itself be nice if we some returnees on the bench.

Robertson back in the squad and Jones also in contention according to Pep.


Glory be!




Thiago - no update
Bajcetic - no update


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Sounds good :ok_hand:

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If Robbo’s back, does that mean Joe goes to RB, or do we keep Bradley there?

Seems harsh on either to drop them.

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