Fulham vs Liverpool: League Cup Semifinals, second-leg; January 24, 20:00 GMT

Liverpool heads to this game with a slim advantage. Fulham, on the other hand, is likely to give their all to achieve what would be a historic cup final. Kelleher is likely to be the only major change as Klopp is likely to use the Norwich game for any major rotation.

Go, Reds. YNWA

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Is Kelleher guaranteed for this? If anything I would have thought playing Alisson for this, although it makes sense having a solid anchor if we are fielding a younger side.

Wembleyyyyyyyy, Wembleyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Werrrr the famous red and werrrrr going to Wembley. Wembleyyyyyyyyy, Wembleyyyyyyyyyy.

My team: Kelleher Gomez Konate Quansah Beck Mac Harvey Grav Jota Nunez Gakpo

Klopp has said that this is Kelleher’s tournament, and he is a man of his word. I think he will play this, and Alisson with have the Norwich game.

Bradley Quansah Van Dijk Gomez
Mac Allister
Elliott Gravenberch
Jota Gakpo Nunez

45min each for Van Dijk and Konate. Same for Norwich. Will probably see Clark, Beck and Gordon at some point.


Need to start much better than the league game against Fulham, first leg against Fulham and first 10 minutes or so yesterday. Fulham this season and generally Marco Silva sides have proved to be tricky for us over the years.

Let’s try and get the first goal.

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No injuries and a clean sheet please.


I’m sure that Jürgen and his team will know the personnel, formation and tactics to see us through this game. COYR YNWA :+1: :nerd_face:


Oh great, always too late Hooper again. :face_vomiting:

Simon Hooper will officiate Fulham v Liverpool, with assistant referees named as Adrian Holmes and Simon Long, and fourth official Tony Harrington.

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Was he in charge of the Spurs fiasco? I just looked up his picture but bald headed twats all look the same to me.


Yes he was.

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Wonder if you can’t be in the gang if you have hair

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I think they just clone them. What happened to the woman ref? Was she too competent?


Probably given the games no one watches like the one on tonight.

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From the first leg against Exeter in 15/16 lol

Fuck my life. Poor Rique. Must’ve felt about 100 year old.

Stewart paying for Robbo though…those were the times.

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Yeah, remember that game.

All white kit, was cold as f*ck. Remember watching it in a sports bar with multiple TV’s and I was the only one watching that game.

People thought I was weird, of course they did. Got another drink on the house.



Would be good to have any of our injured players back for this one.

I have a feeling that we might see a couple of Trent, Robbo, Kostas and Szob on the bench.


1-1 will do!


Given that it was a 2nd or 3rd round tie against a League Two team that’s not really that bad a team.

  • Boruc is terrible of course
  • Brad Smith had a nice career in the MLS, including winning it.
  • Enrique was on his last legs I think and playing at CB is brutal :joy:
  • Ilori never really reached the heights he should have but he was a full Portugal international at the time.
  • Randall was a guy Klopp just liked because he worked hard. He’s a regular starter in Scotland now.
  • Kent was quality for Rangers.
  • Cameron Brannagan plays in League One but I think that’s just because he likes Oxford. He’s rejected moves to top half Championship clubs and is probably capable of playing PL level.
  • Kev Stewart was actually playing well back (especially given that he was never signed with an expectation of getting to the first team) then but he seems to have lost the passion for the game now.
  • Sinclair was probably finished at Liverpool by the time this game happened, but its easy for people to mock him now that he didnt make it. He was a legit talent at 15 - scoring regularly in the U18s.
  • Benteke nowhere near as bad made out, just wasn’t at the level of the players he replaced.
  • Teixeira had tonnes of talent but in his career only reallt had that spell at Vitoria Guimaraes where he was able to show it.