General IT Thread

I have a IT question and couldn’t find a suitable place to ask it, so here’s a general IT topic thread.
I hope nobody’s offended.
Anyway, I’m looking for recommendations for a good vpn. Any ideas?

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I use

High-Speed, Secure & Anonymous VPN Service | ExpressVPN?

Happy with it

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Here’s a tip: in the URL, anything from “gclid=” or “fbclid=” onwards are usually trackers, and can (or should) be removed before sharing the link…

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Just did, thanks :fist_right:


Another vote for ExpressVPN here, they’re not the cheapest, but I’ve found the service to be excellent.

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Surfshark here, a million 83% discounts out there. Costs me £2 a month ish and operates on my phone and all office computers. Excellent piece of kit. Geo lock is a brilliant feature particularly when accessing the BBC from abroad.

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Mullvad for me. I learned about them via Privacy Guides website, though I can compare them only with NordVPN when it comes to paid VPN services (and they compare favourably, in my opinion).

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83% discount on homepage.

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NordVPN for me. You can click on my affiliate link but I’m too lazy to create one and post it here.

Keep away from ones that haven’t been around for a long time, or at the very least go month to month until you are satisfied.

I dont particularly use mine for privacy, I use it for content restrictions and ISP throttling.

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Thanks everyone. I’m looking to access location restricted content, without getting too specific.

You mean porn in your neck of the woods … :innocent:

I’m using which is pretty good, also heard a lot of positives about Express

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Porn not a problem in Berlin :wink:

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First German words I learnt were “das gut ya ich komme”, thanks to porn.

Karl Hungus?

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I use NordVPN but I want to point out it is very hit and miss if using to unlock georestricted content. For instance, there isn’t a UK server on NVPN that consistently unlocks BBC.

No Australian NVPN server will unlock content on Kayo (though can access SBS app for instance).

Companies spend a lot of time blacklisting these servers. Some companies (Kayo aka Foxtel) spend more time than others to lock you out of their apps. And I don’t think these big VPN companies are going to differ much on this. If you want a good, reliable VPN for geo unlocking you really need to find a nice ‘quiet’ VPn, not one of these big companies that get their servers blacklisted quickly.

Thanks. I don’t know how candid I can be on this topic, but that’s helpful.

@Bekloppt Good question and thanks to that and the replies I have some idea where to look for a decent VPN. :joy:

Windscribe is pretty good for BBC/Amazon/Netflix. Used for a year and the only time it didn’t work well was during the Euros.

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Would appreciate some help regarding proper/better search methods on Google.

I’m searching for some photos (FREE :blush:) for my blog, but even after couple of weeks I haven’t found anything suitable.