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Apparently, this guy will ‘make Argentine great again’, according to some idiot over the pond. :see_no_evil:

Argentine politics has never been less than turbulent.
Let’s hope he doesn’t decide to liberate Las Malvinas.

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He’ll be in charge of timed outs at parliamentary sessions I guess @iftikhar

‘Milei is a person that has endured deep solitude throughout his life, suffered domestic violence at the hands of his parents and consistent bullying by his peers. This had led him to developing a father-son relationship with his dog, Conan, to the point where his death triggered an intense depression and desperate reaction by the electoral frontrunner. Not only did Milei clone Conan but, through a medium, he apparently managed to have ‘direct communication’ with him in the afterlife, and later with God himself, who gave him the mission of becoming president and lifting Argentina out of its chronic cycle of decrepitude. Furthermore, among Conan’s clones, whom he dubs his “grandchildren,” he’s built a cabinet that literally acts as his team of counsellors in issues including politics, economics, and foreign policy.’

That sounds like a description of a character in a Monty Python movie. :rofl:

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@Dutch What’s your opinion on the Dutch election?

Sorry @Iftikhar I stay away from the non-sport or entertaining topics.

There are emerging reports that US law enforcement agencies prevented the assassination of a Sikh separatist figure in the US, and the US government is now ‘in discussions’ with the Indian government.

LOL! dust hasn’t even settled from Diwali yet!

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I’ve read somewhere that Pannun is a CIA asset.

Not sure where.

The right is turning its back on Ukraine, or outright turning on Ukraine, all over the West. Canada’s Conservatives just voted against an agreement with Ukraine on the feeble pretext that it has a clause promoting carbon pricing - which is irrelevant because Ukraine already has taken on carbon pricing as part of the EU accession process.

Not surprised. It’s a matter of time before fatigue sets in.

well, they just lost my vote.

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Pretty disgusted by it myself. Not a fan of Poilievre, but was contemplating holding my nose if there was a semi-credible candidate (my Liberal MP is a moron who adores Justin).

I’m not a fan of combat politics either. Am getting tired of seeing political grandstanding on a platform of “we don’t like what that guy is doing, and we’ll ridicule him”.

If you want my vote, tell us how you’re going to improve the lives of your constituents. The lives of whom you serve. fix problems, create solutions.

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I have family in the Netherlands, know the country well and love it. But today I must say that I’m ashamed. What is it with all these Trump-like scarecrows popping up everywhere? A blind four-years old can see that this kind of guy has everything in mind but reinforcing democracy or general welfare. And yet, he gets the votes with his unrealistic, excentric promises… everywhere, it’s the same fucking scenario, even in countries with a good general education level like the Netherlands (or Switzerland, for that matter, as our SVP is hardly better and gets many votes too). :see_no_evil:

This article sums up how today’s world operates:

A crash programme of massive cuts; demolishing public services; privatising public assets; centralising political power; sacking civil servants; sweeping away constraints on corporations and oligarchs; destroying regulations that protect workers, vulnerable people and the living world; supporting landlords against tenants; criminalising peaceful protest; restricting the right to strike. Anything ring a bell?

Things like this should be taught in schools.