Georginio WIJNALDUM: 2020/21

First Name: Georginio
Surname: Wijnaldum
Squad Number: 5
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 74kg
D.O.B.: 11.11.1990.
Town of Birth: Rotterdam
Country of Birth: Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch

Is it true the club have set a price for Gini at 15M to Barca?

It’s in the British press. So no.


I didn’t think our club would be that stupid after being quoted 30M for a similar player by Bayern

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Pearce shot the 15 MN thing down…


Think the £15m thing has come from Barca. They did the same with Coutinho. We were going to accept £50m. Then £60m. Then 70. Then 80. In the end we settled for £140m


But how long was left on his contract at the time?

I never want our players on the pitch longer than necessary for their respective national teams, but the success they achieve is a great boost for them and in about 15 minutes we’ll know the line-ups for the Dutch game against Italy. More than any other game in this round of the Nation League I’m torn. More accurately, I’m on tenterhooks.

Scratch that, it was announced earlier. They’re both starting

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Our target is also modest this time.

The big news today over here in the Netherlands is Depay to Barcelona for € 32 mil. Lyon and Barcelona are oke, Depay and Barcelona are oke BUT, the Spanish FA is not oke because Barcelona can not prove they have made € 60 mil what apparently is the standard at the moment.

How the hell do these idiots think that they can buy Wijnaldum?

BTW, they have really lowered their standards if they are after a never will be a player like Depay.

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As Thiago is getting a 4 year contract I suppose LFC haven’t a leg to stand on over Gini’s demands for 4 more years. Well played Gini and may you jogg around forever.

I wonder what was the meaning of that tweet. :thinking:

Gini likes to put up “caption this” tweets.

Hughes in his article tonight on The Athletic:

Sources at Liverpool have this morning told the The Athletic that the club’s fourth captain is expected to remain at Anfield until the end of the season, however.




Making me nostalgic Kopstar!

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Our only midfielder who played the full 180 league minutes so far.

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Well Barca are utterly skint. They couldn’t afford £23m for Depay and deal fell through so there was no way they could afford Gini as well.

Seen somewhere they’ve lost roughly £200m over the covid time period,fucking shame that.