Germany based Reds

Hallo Alle,
I know there’s a few of us on here. I’m in Berlin and we’ve got a very active supporters group here. Shame there’s no chance to meet up in a pub like in the old days.
Anyway Kumpels, ‘Du wirst nie alleine laufen!’


Are the pubs still closed in Germany?

No, but the local supporters club haven’t been organising pub viewings since March as a safety measure.

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Well, I’ll be keeping tabs on this thread (I’m in Emsland so Berlin would be something of a trek).

One thing to note for German based fans is that DAZN now have an app on Telekom’s Magenta receiver and it is so much clearer than Chromecast. Just a pity that Sky can’t do something better than Ticket.

There are supporters groups all over Germany

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@craigjohnston that is wonderful news! Berlin is my home. I was born and raised and there is no place in earth I’d rather be. I will be back in March and would love to connect with a Fellow Red. I’m currently in the States on contract work but am already very much looking forward to coming home.

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Hopefully by then we’ll be able to watch with the supporters club in a pub.

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