Get lost and find yourself! The Travel Thread

Not sure why there isn’t a thread started for this, in a global forum. But here we are.

Travel is a different experience for everyone. I do it because I love to see how other cultures work. Love food and sun and the odd drink or two or four.

Favorite vibe: Byron Bay, NSW.
Favorite beach: Whitehaven Beach - Whitsunday Islands
Favorite City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Favorite Food: Toad in the hole. London
Favorite Beer: Singha, Thailand.
Favorite bar: Jack’s Shack, Grand Turk.

on my list to see: NZ, Portugal/Spain, Ireland, Japan, Costa Rica/Nicaragua.


Nobody should be flying anywhere. Climate change.


stop your nonsense, we powered the plane by kinetic energy with all of us dancing vigorously for my 12 hour flight to London.


Good thread - certainly has got me thinking.

Favourite Beach - So many awesome beaches I have visited - Koh Phang Nang, The Amalfi Coast, Any of a thousand in Queensland especially around Port Douglas. The Greek islands are also fantastic.
Favourite vibe - Byron is hard to beat. Montego Bay in Jamaica was pretty cool as well. San Fran used to be a great place to visit - no longer though.
Favourite City - Amsterdam has got it going on. Florence may be - just breathtaking.
Favourite Food - Anywhere that does great seafood.
Favourite Drink - French wine.
Favourite Bar - Plume of Feathers in Bath
Greatest view - Shimla in the foothills of the Himalayas and most of Iceland is amazing.
A place to which I would never return - Amman in Jordan.

On my list to see - Vietnam, Shanghai, Africa, Japan

Favorite vibe: Coolum, QLD but pretty much the whole of the Sunshine Coast is fantastic
Favorite beach: Either Monkey Beach or Putney Beach on Great Keppel Island
Favorite City: London
Favorite Food: Katsu Curry
Favorite Beer: Any that is cold
Favorite bar: Any you can still smoke in
Greatest View: watching the sun rise from the top of Mt Warning
A place I will never reurn - Paris.

Wish List to see: Brazil, USA, Cuba, Egypt

Fave vibe: St Kilda
Beach: Rosslare
City: Amsterdam and New York
Food: Italian restaurant in Vegas, can’t remember the name
Beer; Perroni, anywhere

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Favorite vibe: Queenstown NZ. Everyone there for some outdoors, some adventure and a good laugh.
Favorite beach: One of the ones on the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia, don’t know its name. Watching a huge lightening storm off in the distance with the sea full of phosphorescence was something pretty special. The water around there was crystal clear and beautifully warm.
Favorite City: San Francisco. Not a huge fan of cities but that is up there. Florence, Melbourne, Seattle and Reykjavik too.
Favorite Food: Almost everything in Asia and everything in Italy away from the tourist traps. Steak at the Palm in NYC was the most I ever spent on a meal and it was well worth it.
Favorite Beer: Something local and pale.
Favorite bar: Nothing makes me happier than my old favourite up by Ullswater in the Lake District
A Place I Wouldn’t Rush Back To: Paris and Perth.

On my list: Japan, Iceland in the summer time. Would love to see some of South America but think i’ve probably missed the chance for a big trip down there.

Favorite vibe: Valencia during Las Fallas
Favorite beach: Eagle Beach Aruba
Favorite City: Rome
Favorite Food: The amazing Elk we had in Juicy Lucy’s Montana
Favorite Beer: Coors Original
Favorite bar: Lobby bar in the Hilton Anaheim, 777 convention way. Helps when you know all the staff VERY well :slight_smile: :beer:
Favorite view: Top of the Grand Canyon takes some beating

Currently saving up for our 25th wedding anniversary. Round the world via all the Disney parks (and Vancouver :wink: )The only way I’m getting Mrs east of Europe.

edit, place I’d never go back to: New Orleans. Makes Blackpool look like Monte Carlo only with more class, style and chic.

Favorite vibe: Edinburgh (Student city, great nightlife, festival and Hogmanay)
Favorite beach: Abel Tasman (New Zealand). Miles of amazing beach all to yourself.
Favorite City: Florance. Amazing food, weather, and culture. My best holiday was there as a broke student camping in a tent.
Favorite Food: Ribeye steak (marbled and tender)
Favorite Beer: Monteiths IPA
Favorite bar: Cafe Bankeråt (Copenhagen). Creepy, weird, nothing like it anywhere else. Plus great regional beer.

On my list to see: Harbin Ice Festival, Cherry Blossoms Japan, Day of Dead festival Mexico.

There used to be a goth bar in Berlin (not sure if it is still there or not) that was in an old cathideral which if you didn’t know about it or understand the goth scene was a proper head fuck. But as long as you didn’t go in there and act like a dick, it could be a right cracking night

I wonder where you are thinking of. It won’t be the cathedral, there aren’t any bars under the ptotestant or catholic cathedrals on Unter den Linden. It was probably a church somewhere.
I’m not into the goth scene, Germans call them ‘gruftis’ (crypties) which fits with churches, graveyards etc, so I may have missed that one.
When was this? And any idea of which part of Berlin? East? West?

Favourite Beach - Wild Coast, Transkei
Favourite vibe - Riviera Maya is pretty cool
Favourite City - Budapest or Cape Town
Favourite Food - Bobotie, Macaroni Cheese, English Breakfast, Roast Dinner (chicken or lamb), Beef Stroganov
Favourite Drink - A smooth IPA or G&T
Favourite Bar - Pretty much any swim up bar in the Caribbean.
Greatest view - Watching the sun rise over Mt Kilimanjaro from the peak of Mt Meru was special. Most views in Africa are stunning though as well as the Austrian/Swiss Alps.
A place to which I would never return - none. I think I’d return to every where I’ve ever been, but there are so many places I haven’t yet seen that I’d want to go to first.

Places I want to visit: Japan, India, Egypt, Brazil, Costa Rica, Singapore, Maldives, Madagascar, New Zealand - not necessarily in that order.

Mid 2000’s not too far from Rosa-Luxemberg Platz, from memory 10 or 15 minute walk, although it was with an Aussie mate whose former boss (also Aussie) is now running the St Chistophers there and the pair of them took me there, although it was 1 of many bars we graced with our presence that weekend

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Byron Bay? Fuck off. Formerly a second rate hippy town now much the same just with ‘insta influencers’ and Sydney eastern suburbs agro without the upsides… Way better places up and down the coast instead.

Favourite vibe: (for a visit) New York - Upper West Side or Chelsea or hills surrounding Aix-en-provence
Favourite beach: (for sentimental reasons) Lady Martins; (for a paddle and dolphin/shark encounter in privacy) Guerilla Bay; (for access to civilisation while still screaming holiday) Main Beach Noosa.
Favourite City: Adelaide. Sydney or London are brilliant with enough cash
Favourite Food/Beer: Cheese! Probably an epoisses twinned with a coopers best extra stout. Or a homemade spicy margherita with a young shiraz like a bin 389.
Favourite bar: Kareela Hutte, Thredbo for the promise of pre apres.
Greatest View: Duff Reserve or Milton Sound
A place I have no interest in ever returning to - LA

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Considering what’s happening at home right now, better off where I am.

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Favourite vibe: Copenhagen
Favourite beach: Platja de Castelldefels, Barcelona
Favourite City: London, particularly being an Anglophile, is great fun.
Favourite Food: NY Pizza Suprema. Best pizza I’ve ever had and I’m a pizza snob.
Favourite Beer: Guinness. Cliche, sure, but I make no apologies for it.
Favourite bar: The Clock, Dublin
Greatest View: West Quoddy Head, Maine. Homer pick but I don’t care. That part of Maine reminds me of Europe, and my folks think I was born on the wrong continent.

Wish list: NI (Belfast, Derry); Ireland (Cork, Limerick); Berlin; Venice