Good Cover Versions of a Favourite Song

Your welcome Flobs oh, :+1:

I have just recovered from the trauma of listening to Nikola’s selected cover versions. Oh my word! Its different :scream_cat:

I played ‘it’s oh so quiet’ to my daughter on my new stereo just the other day. She, at 26 now, still grips my arm when she hears the first notes and says ‘no not the scary song’ it’s just so funny I can not help putting it on. :rofl: That’s traumatism!

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how about BAD cover versions of good songs?

I just came across a Kelly Clarkson cover of Radiohead’s “Green Plastic Trees” and it’s so fucking terrible I won’t post a link. :nauseated_face:

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Bad covers?
The Pole Cats doing John I’m only dancing…should have been jailed!

Madonna’s version of American Pie was a low point


All these twatty cover versions sung by a single girl on a guitar, usually used in shite ads on the tv, get right on my tits.

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Oh yeah, pretty much anything in a John Lewis ad.

Kate Bush mentioned earlier without anyone posting the Futureheads!

I think Whitney Houston probably won the best cover version competition tho.

Doesn’t really need a link but…

Dont Cry is a favourite Guns & Roses song of mine

But you’ve got to love Walk off the Earth. Their stuff is brilliant.


Another one

I’m not sure about their dress sense, perhaps @Kopstar could give some advice?
Also the plastic instruments are a bit naf.
They do need a bit more space as well I think.
Otherwise quite good, I like the sound!

ACDC - Bluegrass Finnish version - Hayseed Dixie from Nashville does a similar version.

Thunderstruck - Bluegrass version.


I looked for a fitting place to post this video…

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This excellent and hilarious. A good qay to remember Footballers names. I pinching this one, if you don’t mind Livvy!

Another BohRhap cover…

How about great artists doing shit versions of a great song.

I’ll start with Bowie’s version of Across the Universe, which is so bad it makes me wince.

His and Jagger’s Dancing in the Street also leaves a lot to be desired