Goodbye Fellow Reds, Friends and Everybody Else

It is with regret that…….

I should probably leave it at that. But that’s just not me and that’s the reason for this. I’ve been contemplating this for a while. There are issues and topics on this forum where I have to bite my tongue, tread on egg shells and try not to get banned. I’m fed up of it. There’s no point participating in a discussion forum if you can’t be yourself. My face, my views and what I think of subjects very close to some people’s hearts are an issue for them. I’m done with the Ad Hominem attacks when people have lost the argument. I’m done with engaging with people with one hand tied around my back. I’m not going out in a blaze of glory, I see no point in getting banned. Instead I’m attempting to leave with reasonably good grace. But if any of you are vaguely unsure as to the actual reasons, you haven’t been paying attention.

I’d like to say thanks to most of the site staff who HAVE appreciated my time here and specifically to @ISMF and he knows why. I’ve made some great friends on here over the years who thankfully I now know outside the forum. RAWK is a hideous echo chamber, this place never was and thankfully isn’t now. But a person with a photograph of Thatcher over his bed and David Cameron’s likeness tattooed on his arse is always going to clash with traditional Liverpool fans. That’s before we even consider issues of race / sex / religion etc. Apparently I’m istist, phobic and toxic on most subjects. Or so some who shout very loudly from one side of the chamber would have you believe.

There’s an excellent quote from Bilbo Baggins from his big party which I’m not going to google as we all know someone will type it out from memory blindfolded whilst whistling the Star Spangled Banner in 5 minutes. I like less than half of them.

Ultimately we’re Liverpool fans. That’s what’s important. We all want us to win, United to go bankrupt and City to be relegated to Scottish division 12. Long may we continue to do the impossible. Long may Klopp reign. Long may the utter insanity of what we achieve and how we do it annoy Mark Goldbridge.

I’m not going to pastures new, I’m not even asking for my account to be deleted. I’ll be back WHEN we win the next big thing, just to say hi. But ultimately, serious discussion on contentious subjects on here is no longer possible. Certain views are not accepted and that saddens me. Speech should be free. So I bid you all farewell. I’ll join a growing list of posters who’ve left for the same reason.

I leave you with this magical irony. My leaving makes the place less diverse.


WTF :man_facepalming:

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You can just leave without announcing it you know?


Just don’t forget us…:+1::+1::+1::+1:


the world is full of different opinions,

we cant all be right

take it easy, unwind

get your mojo back

look forward to hearing from you again in May 2024! :wink:


Dont come back undercover as TAFKAK.
Only a cunt would pull a stunt like that

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I like to read different opinions.
It’s boring if everybody agrees.
You’ll be missed.
Hopefully you’re not gone too long.


Yeah different opinions are not liked on here by some. I still pop in once in a while. :no_mouth:


Sorry to see you leave.

We obviously don’t agree on politics, but you’re an otherwise sound bloke. Hope you reconsider and come back soon.


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We look forward to a bigger comeback than the Barcelona game :0)

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This forum has had some issues in recent times with good posters leaving, but, honestly, this is a ‘you’ problem.

You mock, you’re dismissive. You call people crazy, crazed, raging, scum, bastards, lazy, unintelligent. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with it, it would be incredibly boring if everyone was unwaveringly nice to each other all the time.

But…you spoil for a fight, and then complain that somebody is punching back. You shoehorn your politics into discussions where it isn’t wanted and wonder why you don’t get a thoughtful response.

You could change the tone of your posts if you want a softer debate. Otherwise, stop being a snowflake and accept that people might call you a name every once in a while. Do they not teach the sticks and stones nursery rhyme in Warrington?


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will keep in touch, bud. take care. you can still send me dirty pics on Whatsapp :wink:

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Sorry to see you go.
We all have different views on things and a forum is a great place for letting it all hang out without upsetting people…by getting personal.
Only a vague idea of what caused this move, but come back soon.

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It’s why I don’t really go near certain areas of the forum.

You should reconsider though. It’s easy to avoid.


Just stay out of the away end.

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