Great Southern Land

This is great stuff. Jaw dropping at times…

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Was @SBYM amongst them? :thinking:


Where is @SBYM… this could be your next competition

Right in the middle

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He walked right in seconds after you took that photo. Here is him 5 seconds later.

If that is true it’s fucking embarrassing. 4 packets of chocolate based sweets and Vegemite? Even a fluffy toy kangaroo would be less embarrassing than that.

I was thinking of applying before I saw that.

Fluffy toy kangaroo would be a great incentive.

i understand what you mean, but i disagree…but there is a certificate of citizenship there aswell…

its a token gesture , one that nods to our fun loving ideal of never taking ourselves overly serious.

we can be too harsh on ourselves at times.

This is an actual thing…

Dunno what these are, but not taking any chances

More Aussie danger…

FFS, I thought they were POT plants, not plants in pots. :laughing:

Hazardous either way