Harry WILSON: 2020/21 (on loan at Cardiff City)

First Name: Harry
Surname: Williams
Squad number: 59
Position: Forward - Right Winger
Height: 1.73m
Weight: 70kg
D.O.B.: 22.03.1997
Town of Birth: Wrexham
Country of Birth: Wales
Nationality: Welsh

Just not happening for him with us. I’ve followed him for a long time, and still think that he’’ll make a very good career in the top flight.

Has been successful in all age categories, breaking through to first team. Successful loan spells at Championship clubs, including a promotion chasing season, followed by a year’s experience in the premier league.

Three years left on contract which was signed two years ago, so best he looks for a mid table Prem club, and become a first team regular. Leeds would’ve been a good move, but I suppose Villa are a good option if a deal can be made.

Ideally, I really wanted him to be given a chance with us, a few games from the bench to see if he could do it.

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The problem I see is Harry is just not quick enough for a Klopp team. He no doubt has attributes for others but not Klopp.

He just hasn’t got the JK factor.

Heard that he turned down Leeds. Would have been a good move for everyone involved.

I’m not sure it would actually. I don’t think he’s got the engine for hard work Bielsa demands.

I have a suspicion that Harry is going to fall down the divisions. Hope he can make a decent career. I was worried when he still wasn’t starting for Bournemouth while they were sinking like a stone, despite offering a decent goal return

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I feel Wilson has simply not shown enough to force his way into the rotation conversation. The whole Bournemouth loan showed that while he can be a high impact player , something in his overall play is stopping him from being a consistent Premier League starter.

I mean he could still very well play a role in clubs like West Brom or even Leeds (if its still on the cards). Or he could drop and go to Derby or Swansea and build his career there. There are options for him. If he turned down Leeds for some reason, that’s poor form on his part. To work with Bielsa and that staff would be good for him.

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Needs to move on, perhaps he will before the window shuts.

Arguably he doesn’t want to go as this is his dream. In a way I can respect that. But then again, it is not realistically happening so we will see. If he did turn Leeds down that seems strange, as they play exciting stuff, and he could make his mark there.

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Bielsa requires a lot of hard work from his players. A lot. If Wilson could see himself doing that I don’t see why Wilson wouldn’t back himself to be an attacking option in our CM like Ox is. He may not be quick enough to be a serious option wide in 433 (like Shaqiri) but if we are going to set up in 4231 more often and if there is any truth to speculation of Ox moving on he could be backing himself to carve out a role for himself in the side. He is proper passionate about us so it’s hard to blame him. But it may be best for his career to move on to a side that can use him as a glorified American Football style kicker like Ferguson basically used Beckham. Helping out with the rest of the work but mostly there to hammer accurate crosses into the box for poacher types and deliver dead balls. Tell you what it wouldn’t be a bad idea for a mid prem team to combine him and Brewster together if they could!

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Harry may have a good touch on the ball, but I rarely see him making a full effort on all ends of the pitch. Stealing back the ball and tracking back. Indicates a lower workrate which isn’t good in an era of KPI

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Harry is a good PL quality player but he won’t get ahead of what we have. The bar is just too high at our club. Last year, for Bournemouth, I felt he struggled with the rest of the team and as his minutes declined.

It wouldn’t surprise me though, if he made a career at a mid-table side scoring 12 to 14 goals playing regularly. He scored 7 while his expected goals was 4.33… that, to me, is more an indication of lack of good goal scoring opportunities. Despite gaps in his repertoire, most clubs just don’t have the luxury of ignoring someone who is a regular goal threat.

Now that he has turned down Leeds, out of Newcastle or Southampton… I think his best option is Southampton.

I think more than his skills, it’s his mindset that’s blocking his progress. I don’t think he will ever make it to the Liverpool squad. Do you see him playing like Milner or Wijnaldum??? That’s the benchmark here.

I think he thinks that he got loads of skills. But unless you are ready to work your socks off, you are nothing, at least at Liverpool.

Bit of a difference in quality between those two sides, he’d be delusional to think he’s playing in midfield for us now.

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Never underestimate a young athletes self confidence. But that may not be the case, he may be self aware enough to realise he wouldn’t fit into a Bielsa side for much the same reason he would struggle to get a look in in a Klopp midfield (in 433, think he would be fine in 4231). He may just be waiting for a team that’s a better fit to his capabilities and playing style and if so that’s smart thing for his own self interests.

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As for Harry, he is doing well at Cardiff. Against Birmingham, he helped Cardiff to come from behind and was involved in all three of the goals.

Surprised no Prem team took him on after a more than decent spell with Bournemouth last season. Was worth a punt from a lower table Prem team for sure.

He has execelled in two loan spells already in the Championship with Hull and Derby, and picked up goals and experience with of the top league with Bournemouth. A team like Sheff Utd should be crying out for such a player.