Harry WILSON: 2020/21 (on loan at Cardiff City)

A pretty regular pick for starting XI. I would be happy if someone takes him for £12 million in the summer.

Scored for the national team :clap:.

I must say that I was amazed to discover that Kevin Phillips has an opinion on anything.


Seems to have a lot of opinions over LFC players, isn’t it him who said Firmino wouldn’t play again this season for us and leave in the summer?

This guy???

His Transfermarket page refuses to load. :expressionless:


Seven goals and 12 assists in Championship isn’t very spectacular. But what is extraordinary, is the fact that he missed just two games due fitness/injury. Iron Wilson :muscle:

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He isn’t a teenager.

I’m dumb and thought this was the Elliott thread. :sweat_smile:


I think it is for a team that would have been battling against relegation for most of the season without him. Even with Mick coming in they’d have still been bottom half of the table without him.


I’ve always been a fan and supporter of this young man so I am thrilled he’s had such a great loan. I realize his future (likely) isn’t here but I’ll support him anywhere his career takes him.


Still can’t understand why a Prem team didn’t come in for him this season past.

Fulham, West Brom, Sheff Utd - Harry would’ve made all three of them a little stronger. Especially as these sorts of teams rely a lot on set pieces.

I hope we didn’t do the dirty on this lad by refusing/blocking a loan to a Prem team in order to force a team to buy him outright. That shouldn’t happen to an academy graduate.

He would’ve made more of an impact for us off the bench this season than Shaq and Naby combined.

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Burnley offered £12 million and add on. We didn’t agree.


Think we wanted 20 million for him. Doubt we will get that now

We wanted £15 million and addons, totaling to £20 million.


Think a move to Benfica would be a huge step for him. Like the idea.

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Benfica? Where have you heard that?

Edit: I read the Twitt. The Portuguese are misers, 15 mil isn’t much.

In the Twitter Thread.

I don’t think he’ll be at benfica. It’s Liverpool trying to get English teams to buy him now instead of trying to loan him at end of windows so they can spend more cash. (Probably mbappe)

Move to Benfica or move to Burnley, must be a difficult choice.


Benfica interest in Wilson feels similar to when they suddenly were interested in Luca Waldschmidt and Julian Weigl. Strange but I can see it happen.

Great club. Great place to live. International football. Good place to develop…