Harvey ELLIOTT: 2020/21 (on loan at Blackburn Rovers)

First Name: Harvey
Surname: Elliott
Squad Number: 67
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.70m
Weight: 62kg
D.O.B.: 04.04.2003.
Town of Birth: Chertsey
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

17! Amazed at how professional our youth behave, when compared to other clubs. (Yes, l remember the parody video)


There is always the potential for kids to do stupid shit no matter how good an environment you create for them, but this really is the difference between having a club house lead by exemplary hard working professionals like Milner and Hendo vs flash idiots like Pogba.


We never had that problem at our local club…

No way could you call us flash…

Looks likely the deal to Blackburn on loan will go through on time.


Harvey Elliott has agreed to join Blackburn Rovers today on a season long loan - with both player and Liverpool hopeful deal will go through before 5pm.

*Liverpool hadn’t intended to loan Elliott, but with them already out of the League Cup and additional depth in the senior squad brought in, Blackburn presented an extremely strong case on why they would be a perfect environment for him to further his development. *

Tony Mowbray has an excellent track record of working with young attacking players.

His Coventry team was built around Ryan Kent, James Maddison and Jacob Murphy playing behind Blackburn’s current Striker Adam Armstrong. Also - it’s only an hour away so the Coaching staff can remain within very close contact with Harvey and track his progress.

Hopefully he comes back full of fire and gets some game time. Here’s hoping this isn’t the beginning of the end of his changes at Liverpool - as someone else pointed out on the forum in recent days, we don’t appear to have ever had a lad go on loan, come back, and make it at the club.


He needs game time but it has to be in the right environment. I have no idea how Blackburn are playing but hopefully they at least try to play football.

There is no point in him going to a team of cloggers who do nothing but punt the ball.

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The loan will do young Elliott good. It’s a positive for him and his development. He created a positive stir and excitement with his initial appearance in a Liverpool shit but let’s be honest, he hasn’t been very good in recent appearances. He’s still just a boy but his potential is immense and the sky is the limit for him. All the best and hope he gets the most out of his time there.


With these 3 players going on loan to the championship, it gives fans a bit of interest in that league, I’m excited about Harvey and looking forward to seeing how he will develop.


Bit disappointed with this, as I think the lad is not far off being ready.

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@mascot I ask this genuinely, in what way do you view Elliott as almost ready?

He is ready to play. And that is a big compliment to a lad who is just 17. But I do not think he is ready to be playing at a high level as of yet, not saying he does not show potential when he plays for us but there are plenty for him to learn before he is PL material for us so he definitely ready to play regularly at a level of Championship and there are not many 17 year olds who are at that level. So while keeping him here is great, going to a club where he can be promised a certain number of games is definitely not going to be harmful either.

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Elliot still has to add some size to take his play to the next level. He’s still growing, and that kind of strength will help him tremendously in final third.

I’m not to familiar with modern-day Blackburn, but if the club has confidence that they’ll play him regularly, I’m all for it.

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I mentioned it I the Brewster thread. The best loan player we could come up with was Danny Murphy. It is sort of like the kiss of death.

Harvey getting some game time might be good for him, i definitely did not think he was ready to contribute to this squad fully outside cup games. Im not a big fan of loaning players as usually it could it mean the player thinks they are ready while the club thinks the player is not prepared to start. I think the relationship between ourselves and Harvey Elliott is good at the moment so this loan is probably a good will move to give Harvey a chance to grow by learning in the championship how to be a pro footballer when the tension is high and your in contention every week.

Will definitely be watching him if he gets chances to start at blackburn. Hopefully he tears it up


Ready to start making matchday appearances. Maybe 10 over the season.

Like late substitutions!!! 10 mins here, 5 mins there!!! He has played under 600 mins for Liverpool. Surely he will get much more than that at Blackburn and that will certainly help his development.

I think this is correct but he isn’t more ready than Shaqiri who stayed.

My view is Klopp is looking to bring Curtis Jones through for minutes first, so Elliot is always quite far back in the queue despite being very close. (Jota —> Taki —> Jones —> Shaqiri —> Origi), so he is waiting on a fair few injuries before getting his chance, especially with the League Cup off the table.

Blackburn is an hour away so he can stay in his current home etc. Very good move, I can see Shaqiri moving on next summer and Elliot takes his (and Origis) place in the squad.


Again, in what way? You’re speaking in generalities. What facet of the game is Elliott contributing?


Seems he has picked up some speed too. Nice performance