Harvey ELLIOTT: 2022/23

First Name: Harvey
Surname: Elliott
Squad Number: 19
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.70m
Weight: 62kg
D.O.B.: 04.04.2003.
Town of Birth: Chertsey
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

Squad number is 19 correct?

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If you’ll believe me, I didn’t know, thanks for the heads up!

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Happy days


Great news one of my favorites. Do you think he keeps a copy of the contract in his hand bag … Just asking … :innocent::sunglasses:

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Weird decision. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good news, just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Not like he had an outstanding season to be rewarded or was showing signs of wanting to leave.

Perhaps the debacle with Gini/Salah/Mané/Bobby situations has led to a bit more foresight to when contracts are offered. That’s allI can think.

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My guess is that it’s to normalize his compensation with his status as a full senior member of the squad, rather than being on what I assume was “very good youth player” money previously.

@Kopstar It’s Elliott’s third pro contract in 3 years, any idea what kind of wage progression that has been?

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This was nowhere near the most pressing piece of business this month. That’s not a slur on Harvey by the way.


I don’t have any information but my guess is that this might be a new deal to better reflect where the club seeing him play long term. At his last contract extension the intention may have been for him to play further forward but he’s being increasingly used in a deeper role.

The variables may have needed adjusting as well as his base, given his increasing importance. Plus, get him locked down long term before we sign an even younger midfielder next summer on more money…

If we have other business, I’m assuming our team can multitask…

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Do you get a copy of the minutes?

Keita’s new contract is coming, don’t worry.

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Delighted with the lads performance tonight after absolutely everything and didn’t stop til he went off.

Effort of that level from 9 others and we’d have a win, he can’t be dropped for the Man Utd game.


I think he had a fair game against CP but I am a little concerned he risks into falling into an “in-between roles” player. By that I mean, is he a midfielder as against CP, an attacker in the mould of Salah, someone who breaks through lines like Keita or more like Henderson, who presses and recycles. During the CP game he recycled the ball well but oftentimes was caught in two minds, whether to run with the ball to get past someone or recycle/reset. More often than not he recycled the ball (well), ensuring we kept possession and thus sustained pressure - however, he has the feet and pace to be more so how does he develop that. Obviously with time and the team adapting around him. In a simialr vein, I have the same concern for Curtis, who has great close control, the ability to beat a man but is somehow a bit caged atm.

Love the kid. Wish I could give him a haircut though

Personally? Alright Joe, bit creepy that lad…

Elliot be like…