Harvey ELLIOTT: 2022/23

Is that why he was trending on Twitter :joy:

He seems a bit of a div, tbh.

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I don’t have a twitter account anymore so although I was aware of its decline under Musk I didn’t realise how bad it was.

I clicked that link then every other recommended tweet was just Elon Musk’s personal account or a bunch of crypto bros telling people to invest in their scam.

Its not Elliott, its some crypto guy who happens to look a bit like him.

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Not a very good look is it…

Good to know.

Imagine the reactions here if he was not our player.


Its not Elliott.

He’s still an idiot though, for looking like a Crypto grifter who bought a tiger. Disappointed in him.

‘star’ is a bit presumptuous at this point

Hopefully done here as a midfielder.

Taking him out of the team was one of Klopps better decisions.

Wasn’t even in the matchday squad for some games and signing up to three new midfielders will push way down the pecking order.


We’ll be talking about a sale in 10 months

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Or it will push him to further improve. In any case, writing him off at 20 is foolish.


It is but I have my doubts. Someone like Bruno Silva can keep his own playing as a winger/midfielder in their system. For now, I don’t see Elliott holding his own in that position.

Again it comes down to what vision we have / had for the player. I said the same about Carvalho. There’s nothing wrong with Harvey, he just doesn’t fit how we’re playing him, on the side where we’re weakest defensively and strongest attacking-wise. Min-maxing doesn’t work in football as much as it does in role-play games.

He’s still too young, and still has enough quality and room for improvement that he is way down the list of my worries.

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See that Harvey has been spending his spare time wisely :0) -
We could do with him going past defenders at Anfield like this

I don’t know much about netball, but he looks pretty good.


That must be wrong. Everyone knows that Elliott is rubbish.

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