Harvey ELLIOTT: 2023/24

And another beauty of a goal from him, commentator saying he has been the standout player, pulling the strings offensively.

Assisted by Morton who has scored the other goal

Almost a 3rd with a brilliant volley but a great save from the keeper

He is head and shoulders above U21 level footy, but great for his confidence

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Great goal :clap:

What’s the meaning of the sign he was making?

Look at my boots. I didn’t have to pay for them.

Who knows, it seems like he’s got 5 celebrations after a goal.

Was his 100th game so perhaps something related

I can walk on water :thinking:



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Think he is the only player in the EL to play all possible minutes this season.

I think I’d rest him in the week.


Harvey is improving every game his work rate is top notch and for me he is going to turn in a beast for us, especially if he takes bits from Macallisters game who is a similar size.

Just needs to improve how he challenges for the ball and to be stronger on it.

The future is so so bright for us at the moment


Just? Those are pretty important things.
I’d add what he does with the ball too.
He’s very young and is a work in progress, but one thing you know is that he will give everything every time he plays.

Sounds like Harvey had a decent game, teamed up with Morton for his first goal too.

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Then miscontrolled by Madueke :joy:

Wow, incredible skill.

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Probably deserved more minutes in the last two games.

Jones got a lot of trust and patience today and it just wasn’t working well enough, I think he should’ve come off earlier.

Speaks volumes when Harvey still gets these bits and pieces while both Szobo and Jones are trying to catch rhythm, let alone form (not to mention Gravenberch out in the cold).

But it’s now 46 games last season and 46 games this season for him, nice numbers.

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