Harvey ELLIOTT: 2023/24

First Name: Harvey
Surname: Elliott
Squad Number: 19
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.70m
Weight: 62kg
D.O.B.: 04.04.2003.
Town of Birth: Chertsey
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

Not. A. Midfielder.

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No one can tell what the future holds for Elliott but I think he’s a rather good prospect, albeit one that requires a specific system in order to thrive because he’s not the biggest, nor quickest of lads. I can’t help but look at Bernardo Silva when I look at Elliott and what I would like him to become.

Silva is a menace, one of the most complete attacking football players I’ve seen, yet one that shouldn’t have a place in modern football because of his lack of outstanding physical qualities. His tactical adaptability, decision making, aggression and supreme technical ability make him an outlier, though. I’ve spent the last three years hoping that he would leave Man City because there was no way they could replace him (I just don’t see a like-for-like replacement and that was the time when we were still the only threat to Man City).

It’s almost impossible to reach that level for vast majority of attacking players, in my eyes, but I certainly hope that Elliott will model his game on him, regardless of the role he ends up playing. He definitely has the technical ability, the rest can be taught and acquired with time. We are likely placing too much expectations on him because of the clusterfuck that our last season turned into and the number of minutes he shouldn’t have played in a single season at that age at a club of our aspirations.


Not. An. Attacker.

He has had a positive impact in all 5 games off the bench, providing much needed energy when others were starting to flag.

It was really poor how much we used him last year, far beyond what should have been asked of him. This role is far more suitable to his current abilities.

Looking like a high standard midfielder so far. Very good.


I expect him and Gravenberch to be starting in the Europa.

Thiago if he’s fit as well. It’s not a bad midfield lineup on paper. Gravenberch , Thiago , Elliot.

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Thiago isn’t in training is he so I doubt we will see him.

Will be Jones or Endo.

Or Baj.

Certainly won’t be Jones in the defensive position. Either Gravy or Baj there.

To me he looks like a Bernardo Silva kind of player. No great pace but neat footwork, ability to find a yard in tight spaces and eye for a pass.
Doesn’t look like a 90 minute player so an impact sub role suits perfectly for him. At least for this season. Maybe a 60 minutes starting role in Europe and Cup games against lesser opposition.
Hopefully he will improve on his deficiencies and claim for a starting role in the PL before end of this season.

Having a good season. Keep up the good work lad. :clap:


Like all of our young players, I want him to do well so badly that I get frustrated with some silly things like him relying too much on his weaker foot (yeah, yeah, I know, it’s my chronic sickness) or having an inconsistent first touch that goes from sublime and catches opposition completely off guard or sets them up for a counter-attack.

I hope he improves these technical aspects because he might become quite a nuisance for opponents when he’s (about to be) in possession. At the moment, he’s not developed enough for our starting XI but I’m really pleased with his response and especially his appearances off the bench.

Played a blinder for the U21s yesterday apparently.

Looking decent this season

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SO if they were playing Delap, Philogene, Madueke and Palmer, that seems to suggest Elliott was playing as a fairly orthodox CM? Maybe even as part of a mid 2. Anyone know?

I think he was part of a 3 man midfield with Palmer. Hackney the DM.

Is that a common role for Palmer, or is he like Elliott in that he isnt yet quite one or the other so goes between the roles?

He’s more like Jones than Elliott. He’s played wide a lot at youth level but you can see him developing into a central/attacking midfielder as his career progresses.

So happy that he has settled into a rhythm. He is really enjoying too. Good stuff.

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Yeah he gave us much needed energy and probing yesterday. All seemed slow before he and Nunez came on.

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Congrats Harvey lad.


Just scored a cracker free kick goal for England U 21’s

Is that 3 goals from outside the box in 3 games for U21’s?

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