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Should be appealed although the CPS made a mistake in not broadening the charges.

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I was meaning to ask you. Since I’m clueless about legal proceedings/jargons, would you please summarize what went wrong?

It is with huge disappointment that Liverpool Football Club notes the latest developments in the judicial process relating to the Hillsborough disaster.

While it would not be our place, legally or otherwise, to comment on those proceedings as they pertain to individuals, it is incumbent on us to forcefully point out that the 96 victims, their families, survivors and all those who suffered as a result of the Hillsborough tragedy have continuously been failed in their pursuit for justice.

We salute all those who have campaigned for justice. They have been let down yet again.

We have a situation in which 96 people were unlawfully killed and yet no individual or group has been deemed legally culpable for their deaths.

As ever, our thoughts are with the families, survivors and campaigners and we would reiterate that, as established by the 2016 inquests, the behaviour of our supporters was not a contributory factor in the disaster, a truth for which the bereaved families had to fight for over a quarter of a century.

The 96 will never be forgotten.


Goldberg is the QC for Peter Metcalf, the former Solicitor who altered statements to remove any criticism of South Yorks police before they were submitted to the Taylor inquiry.

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The South Yorkshire and West Midlands forces agreed the settlement earlier this year following a civil claim.

A spokesman for Saunders Law, the lead solicitors for the group litigation, said the civil claim for misfeasance in a public office was started in 2015.

It was agreed in April but could not be reported until the conclusion of the trial.

The spokesman said: “[The] victims sought justice and accountability for the deliberate, orchestrated and thoroughly dishonest police cover-up that suppressed the truth about the responsibility of the police and blamed the football supporters for the horrific events that unfolded”.

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RIP Andrew Devine 97th :palms_up_together::pray::broken_heart::heart: Y.N.W.A.

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Podcast of the Guardian article written by David Conn, read by Gavin Skelhorn and produced by Esther Opoku-Gyeni.