I have changed dramatically as a person

I used to just hit the :heart: but now I hold, press, and select the relevant emoji ( :+1: :heart: :rofl: :heart_eyes: :slightly_frowning_face: :see_no_evil:)


So proud and happy for you

Christopher Nolan Ovation GIF by BAFTA

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I don’t deserve that emoji :cry:

Thank goodness for that. I’ll be able to sleep soundly tonight.

First time I used that monkey emoji.
Thanks @Nobluff

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It’s a see no evil emoji you monster.

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I care about the elderly, this is why I am here, that and to complain about Mo’s passing.

Very often the available emojis are not relevant.

Do something @ISMF1



Fran Healy Democrat GIF by Travis

I’m just thankful the use of emojis isn’t restricted.

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Reading the title, I thought @Klopptimist was returning, in a Gandalf The White poignant moment.

gandalf the white GIF

Which would require wisdom?

Don’t think so…

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place is kinda boring without a mascott v Klopptomist outburst


Say Candyman three times…

Imagine reading the title and seeing @Redbj’s name next to it on the homepage… I nearly fell off my chair!

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We need the below…

:grimacing: :flushed: :zzz: :face_with_head_bandage:

Was thinking about a ‘cunt’ emoji.


I def would have used the shocked emoji here!!!

For you they should combine :eggplant: :fist: :sweat_drops: and maybe change a few of the colours.