I’ll have a bitter please...It’s the Everton thread

Not our business but the club wouldve signed on an agreement to pay it off by 2025 or something like that.

Could we end up with a situation where it gets finished and the contractor doesn’t give them the keys?

Highly unlikely given its on monthly payments, unless of course there’s work items or changes not covered in the contract and not sorted financially by completion.

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If it doesn’t get finished don’t they have to put it back how it was.

Please let this happen.

It’s odd that in my entire Liverpool supporting life they’ve only out done us once even when they finished top four ahead of us we went on win the CL.


Funny thing is…

I hear celtic fans are laughing at Everton for traveling half way round the world to play this ‘friendly’ natch against celtic, and play with 10 men behind the ball thd whole game

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No. There is an article somewhere on this thread about the council money being withdrawn and them pressing ahead without the money needed to go from start to finish. They are in a position where construction has started, yes, but they still need to raise funds to put into it.

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Nice place to work. :slight_smile:

Yes it’s not bad, right on the River Mersey…10 mins walk from The Bramley Moore. About half hour walk from the Waterfront.

But on the flip side, it’s also where the metal scrap yard is and the smell can be revolting…you even small it whilst driving with all windows up.

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Half an hour? Looks much more closer to me, maybe it’s the stadium factor that it seems close.

Love that walk whenever I’m in Liverpool. Waterfront, then hit the streets where it’s lively. City not too big, everything is close enough.

Fingers crossed the site can get back it’s UNESCO rating in that eventually.


In fairness a massive stadium is better for the city than a UNESCO rating - especially since that was already under threat with those monstronsities they built around the Museum of Liverpool.


Really? I would have thought the UNESCO rating would bring in a lot of tourism.

To be fair if the stadium comes with other aspects fair enough if it’s used 22 times a year then I’m not sure :wink: