I’ll have a bitter please...It’s the Everton thread

Whether it’s true or not, you certainly understand why they would have feared that. Which is why their complaints now should fall on deaf ears. My point was that at the time he was a very saleable asset. Selling him would have easily cleared their losses but they chose not to for fear of the eventuality you theorize. The 10 points has to be put into perspective of what these past few seasons would have looked like had they taken their commitment to stay in compliance seriously.

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I’m not defending them, they deserve the sanctions.

But I guess they’ll feel justified keeping him around for that run of 5 or so games towards the end of last season where he kept them up.

Insurance they could not afford, basically.

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They do have a good case. Even I could not argue they had a sporting advantage. They were shit beforehand and just as shit after spending tens of millions.

If they remade Brewsters millions, they would have a rule of no investing in Everton.

Everton paid 7.8m as a loan fee for Zouma for one year.

Just a loan fee, no obligation to buy.

That is just one of the disasters that they’ve done in the transfer market.

Also the salaries that are needed to convince footballers to join Everton will be on the higher side. I remember Gylfi was thought of as a coup for Everton when he joined. But he would had to have been offered way above his market rate for him to join Everton.

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To be fair, James was on a free, and they did get some kind of fee when he moved to Qatar

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his reported transfer fee ranged from £25Mil to £12Mil depending on the date of the article. where are you seeing this? something stinks about this one

be curious to know what the Real books say about that

It was all very murky, and I have no real idea why. But some time later the story broke that it was a free. Possibly Everton taking on a payout for his Real Wages muddied the waters?

I recall seeing a piece from Marca that Banfield did not receive anything for his move to Everton, they were entitled to a share of what Real Madrid received.

They have never been good but for some reason they have really never look the same after Ancelotti screwed them by leaving unexpectedly in a season and a half after declaring he was proud to join such a historic club :joy:

All those transfer window trophies they won though.

with what’s happening with Everton now and Ancelotti’s link to RM, I wouldn’t be surprised if they buried the expense in an attempt to level off the books at Goodison. a little bit of shell gamesmanship. though I’ve no idea how they’d manage to do that?

My wild guess is sort of the opposite. They were trying to puff up a signing, skating around the fact that Real thought he was about done as a top player. The BBC story you link is vague at either number, but I believe Real Madrid got nothing for him - they publish their accounts, and it would not be worth it to them to screw over Banfield for the few million. I presume they either paid some significant chunk of his remaining RM contract, a whack of agents’ fees, or some combination thereof.

A 20M transfer makes it sound like a potential bargain, paying off the balance of the contract makes it sound like they found in the Real Madrid knacker’s yard. Unfortunately for Everton, they more or less did.

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Did they actually put UTFT on the plane flying banner today :joy:



It’s so funny. They haven’t got a fucking leg to stand on. They were buying players when they knew they were in breach of the regs. They had every chance to get a grip on their finances, and they decided to push their luck instead.


Their fans obviously feel hard done by, because the majority of past decision makers are no longer there

Yeah, but Spurs negotiated with them over Richarlison. It’s all just so unfair

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It’s nice to know the Ev are just as endearingly shit in court as they are on the pitch.


The 777 asset strippers won’t come to buy the club when Everton have court cases pending by Leeds , Leicester and Burnley.

That’s the main reason why Everton are appealing this. Not because it’s unfair , not because the punishment doesnt fit the crime. They are fucked into administration if they dont win the appeal.

Good that they’ve chosen City’s home games to protest. Maybe they need to do a lot more of those. Them getting fucked and taking City along with them down will be awesome