I’ll have a bitter please...It’s the Everton thread

And another thing, can somebody point out to me exactly when Branthwaite became the 2nd coming of Franco Baresi because I must have missed it.


I have always thought of him as more a Beckenbauer for the new millenium, no?

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A Paulo BeckenBaresi if you will.
Whereas in reality as @jarrod is saying, he’s more of a Bjorn Dickschesky

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Imagine being a kid in Liverpool, looking for a hero. Someone that inspires you to be a pro.

That’s Evertons problem. Their transfer strategy (or lack of) of mid-tier over priced journey-men is not the stuff of dreams. It’s a disaster for the club on the pitch today, and attracting future generations.

Just as no one grows up wanting to be Gary Neville, your scrapping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to heros and Everton players.

Jordan Pickford gives hope to short-armed kids everywhere.


Unless you also aspire to being an underwear model.

Or a cunt.

Thoughts are also with Kevin Campbell who played for Everton and Arsenal who is also seriously ill
Thoughts and prayers are with his family too.



lot easier to get in the ones though…

Saudi consortium looking to buy Everton for £400m.

Game is becoming well and truly screwed.


I’ve seen 2 or 3 other potential bidders mentioned too.

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Yes I know that pic is not Andy Bell. It is George Downing but never mind.


The unnamed Saudi royal is part of consortium led by some “London-based” businessman and lawyer, Victor Manoukian. Apparently, this consortium believes that Everton can “secure a place at the top of world football again”. Italics are mine. Seems like someone doesn’t know their history.


I think AJ Bell is from Liverpool so is probably who I would prefer to see them bought by. His investment platform looked pretty stark when I last looked at it a few years ago so assume he is relatively frugal, but in a good way. Everton could do with being run by someone like that.


It’s funny but just the other day we were speculating why the blueshite, along with Chelsea and Bonesaws, were supporting the Cheats during the poor things’ current legal persecution. Makes sense now.


At least there’ll be no conflict of interests in the Champions League.


Isn’t Roma themselves struggling financially.

Part of me is happy with that. I know nothing of the Roma guy but the thought of Everton being the next oil club was the stuff of nightmares.