Ian St John 1938-2021

One of he greats, Ian St John passed away today:


He gave me so many memories, a true LFC legend. RIP Saint.


This last year can just fuck off. And when it’s fucked off it can then go and fuck off some more.

I’m not old enough to remember his playing days but I grew up with Saint and Greavsie. What a lovely bloke he was.

RIP Saint :cry:


Another sad loss, RIP. To his loved ones YNWA!


Scored the goal the won our first FA Cup, back when it was a much bigger thing than it is now.

Rest in Peace mate.


Saw him play many times. Along with Big Ron & Sir Roger, he was one of my very early LFC heroes. A feisty little Scot who was much loved by the Kopites…and me.

Probably apocryphal but there was a story that went round…

A poster outside a church said;

What would you do if Jesus came to Liverpool?

Someone had added…Move St John to inside right and play 4-3-3’


RIP The Saint.
Loved Saint and Greavsie when I was kid - I used to tape it on VHS and watch it about 100 times a week - I was bit to young to know anything about his LFC career at the time. They cracked me up.
I loved it when they had a hidden camera on Saint when Scotland needed a win against Uruguay in the 86 world Cup.
Uruguay went down to 10 after about 90 seconds but Scotland just couldnt score.
A chance falls to Steve Nicol and his misses a sitter - Saint screams “for christ sake get it in Nicol” and throws his napkin down in disgrace.


Very sad news. He was before my time when he was a player, but every red is aware of his legend.

Never met the great man, but I did have the pleasure of working with his strike partner Roger Hunt in the 90s, another lovely man, whose humility spoke of the era they played in.

A great time for the club, the birth of the modern LFC under Shanks, a great time for the city in the Beatles era.

Loved his show with Greavsie, St John’s laugh was infectious and that’s how we should remember him.

One of our great players, one of our great Scottish players, a man who will be sadly missed, but remembered fondly.



Made from granite… Epitomised what Shanks wanted in a player
One of our Founding Fathers… Forever to be remembered
Rest In Peace Ian…
Thank you for being you… my first ever hero


Tough player in an era of tough players. Could play a bit too!
Like many I grew up watching Saint and Greavsie every Saturday lunchtime after my own match. Great double act.

Rest in Peace Saint


A wonderful man, and a great player. He gave us so many fantastic memories.

Recalling the 1965 FA Cup final, it still makes me smile listening to the commentator referring to him as Liverpool centre forward “Sinjin”.



The passion and love he shows for Shanks sat in the new stand, shows his love for LFC, and we loved him…just wait for the Kop to sing his name.


From a kid I can still remember the Kop blasting out his name in song…
With hands clapping in time above their heads…
One Two :clap: :clap:
One Two Three :clap: :clap: :clap:
One Two Three Four :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
If you were ever there, you will remember it today


He was hard as nails…


"A man from Liverpool, England was touring the USA on holiday and stopped in a remote bar in the hills of Nevada. He was chatting to the bartender when he spied an old Native American man sitting in the corner. He had tribal gear on, long white plaits, wrinkled face.

“Who’s he?” asked the Liverpudlian.

“That’s the Memory Man.” said the bartender. “He knows everything, remembers everything. He can remember every face he’s ever seen. He can remember any fact he hears or reads. Go and try him out.”

So the Liverpudlian goes over, and thinking he won’t know about English football, asks “Who won the 1965 FA Cup Final?”.

“Liverpool” replies the Memory Man.

“Who did they beat?”

“Leeds” was the instant reply.

“And the score?”


“Who scored the winning goal?”

“Ian St. John” said the old man, without a hint of hesitation.

The Liverpudlian was knocked out by this and told everyone back home about the Memory Man when he got back.

A few years later he went back to the USA and tried to find the impressive Memory Man. Eventually he found the bar and sitting in the same seat was the old Native American, only this time he was older and even more wrinkled.

The Liverpudlian approached him with the greeting “How”.

The Memory man looked up and said, “Diving header in the six yard box”."

This turned out to be one of the best jokes I’ve read in my life, even if I didn’t fully appreciate it some fifteen years ago. Being a young fan at the time, it took me a bit of effort to really dig into the club’s past and all the interviews from the '70s and '80s pointed to that “diving header in the six yard box” moment as the point where Liverpool truly embarked on their road to success, it was as though the club hadn’t won the title the previous year (or any other trophy ever). And then I started discovering players from those great sides of Shankly and Paisley. Obviously, his name, scoring record and overall demeanour stood out. No wonder they called him The Saint. Rest in peace.


Very sad news today about the death of Ian St John.

I have lots of great memories about the Saint on the pitch. Top of the list would be the winning goal in the FA Cup Final against Leeds in 1965 and his battles with Gordon West (the red handbag goalie) at Goodison.

But, all through the years, whenever his name was mentioned I always smiled because of the
“Move St John to inside right” story

He was a skilfull, smallish centre forward who was brave enough and tough enough to battle with often brutal centre halfs, at a time when football was still a game for hard men. Intimidation and violence were considered legitimate tactics and I loved watching it.

RIP Ian and thanks.


RIP Saint. You were Sir Roger’s partner in crime up front and a thoroughly nice guy by all accounts. If you meet a fellow Scot with a tough guy attitude, waiting at St Peter’s gates for you, don’t worry, it’s only the Boss.