Indefinitely suspend Nikola for obvious reasons

For the sake of the club and to save an already doomed season, I’d like to suggest we relieve @Nikola of his forum membership until either:

  • the end of the transfer window
  • we sign a midfielder (Here we go/True)

We should obviously reward his willing sacrifice with likes. (On this post, one like = 1 million £)

Thanks for always having our best interest at heart.


Well, let’s weigh up pros and cons.

Pros: obviously, I’d finally be provided with time and financial resources to learn to play the guitar - all three chords at that!

Cons: I wouldn’t be able to pop up with that hellish Elmo gif now and then and wind up @ZinedineBiscan.

Ah, screw it, I’m staying!

The only one willing @Nikola to open the next transfer thread… Is Todd Boehly :0)

FFS wake up Should GermanRed be put on opening transfer thread duties?

Shouldn’t that be welcome to Liverpool? Given his ability to see the future.

I mean we know it don’t take a psychic to see who we ain’t signing once Nikola opens a thread👀

Next thing you know , you’ll be lining up for an iron maiden guitar audition.

Better dust off my e minor then!

@Nikola What do you have on Jorg Schmakdt to be able to blackmail him into signing a random john doe, I mean endo?!

You never really wanted to learn guitar, did you?

I know what I want
I’ll say what I want
And no one can take it away
I know what I want
I’ll say what I want
And no one can take it away

Speaking for @Nikola , he’s busy practicing this song for his iron maiden audition.

John, we’ve found another one, I’ve quoted his post, so you can find him easily. Let me know once you’ve dealt with it.

Edit: Ooops, wrong comm channel! Please disregard!

I didn’t know the existence of this thread :rofl:

@Nikola I must apologize for doubting you and Jorg. I’m now a believer.

It’s weird isn’t it? There are so many others more deserving of sanctions.

Gotta show this to my wife! :joy:

mara wilson you have the right to believe whatever you want to believe GIF

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