Should GermanRed be put on opening transfer thread duties?

  • No, he should continue sucking at opening match threads.
  • Yes, it’s a sticky patch and none of the transfers are sticking.
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So… what does the TAN family think?

(Mods- this is only meant as a bit of a laugh after the disappointing transfer news; please move if necessary)

I am willing to try my hand on this, give me a nudge when it comes up and I’ll be on it.

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Manchester City Soccer GIF


I’d love to blame GerRed for our current woes, but somehow I feel the problem goes (even) deeper than thread opening.

Radical, I know.


I am labeling you a conspiracy theorist.

Guys, please don’t open threads like this. I saw a New Topic and thought we got another target.

I am not saying its true but I feel that GermanRed is leeching off our respect for Klopp because both of them are German. I suggest that we relegate GermanRed to posting only in the Flob Jokes thread until Flob gives the go ahead for him to start threads again.

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It has to be German jokes then. Or draw a one of you classic pieces of art and he has to create a humorous story about it.

Germans have a sense of humor?

Who knew?

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I was once told that the German phrase for… Massive Boobies… is
Brasellstoppemflappin…! To this day I don’t know how correct that was :0)

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It’s a short thread

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And just because I don’t want to be seen as unbalanced…

Yeah nah yeah.


Use to love watching Aussie man , until he started to become YouTube’s version of Arthur Daley…spends most of his time flogging crap :joy:

Don’t bluff.

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Not my words, that’s all taken from the original thread by @cynicaloldgit (match day thread)

Ok, so it’s no bluff afterall. :grin:

EL group stage below my level.

Volunteers step up.

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