Involvement in local grass roots club

Just thought I’d start a thread for those of us involved in our local or grass roots football club.

You could be a sponsor, a committee member, coach etc etc just interested to know what (if any) involvement anybody has in the amateur game away from The bright lights of Anfield and the Premier League.

Maybe this could be a place where we share successes or plans to improve the clubs etc.

Plus I’d be interested (nosey) to know if anybody else has interest or involvement in football in any other way other than “just” being a supporter of this great club of ours.


In terms of my local club I’ve advised Cheltenham Town on their player and coaching contracts, as well as transfer agreements.


involved in coaching in the junior set up and looking to progress my qualifications.


That sounds really interesting.

In what capacity, as in what do you do

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Which club

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are you local in Victoria Bayside?

I’m a Solicitor. I don’t do as much sports law related work as I have done in the past but I still dip my toe in every now and again.


That sounds really cool

No I am from South Wales


chances are you wont have heard of our club.

its local level

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Not New South Wales presumably

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No the original one :rofl:

That’s fair enough.

It’s good to put something back in.

So when a Cheltenham player gets a call from Raiola you step in?

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Kopstar be like “add a few more zeros boys”

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Ha. If only. If it were to happen though then yeah, I may get a call.

I’ve been wanting to go it alone and set up my own company. Actually incorporated a limited company, got a few web domains, printed business cards (!) but then life stuff happens and I’m leaving it a bit late now to do it. Will probably always regret it.


You’ll only regret it if you don’t do it.

Go do it


I coach junior football, my lad’s team. Coached for some years in a league here in Carmel, Indiana. He just turned 15 and as a freshman is trying out for the high school team - large high school, 5500 kids. If he makes it there I will bow out from coaching.

I was asked to get involved at a higher level, with travel and so on, but I don’t have the time for that.

I did it because I have a love of the game and am able to do it, but most of all, to create memories with my son, as people a few years older tell me it’s not long before the kids are grown and gone.

PS - originally from England, played at a decent level over there, county, and have always been a passionate red.



Why? You can continue working with the younger ones. Best wishes for your lad.

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Not sure if anybody is interested to know but I “follow” the results of my local club Aberdare Town.

My dad played there for their school boy side before joining the RAF.

They are an amateur side. They don’t pay their players and rely solely upon volunteers. They play at tier 4 in Wales. They had a huge backer about 10 years ago and won the league and promotion to the Welsh Premier League but were denied promotion due to ground criteria. Shame because the guy putting money in had ambitions to get them into Europe (by this I mean the qualifying rounds) and they probably had the budget to do it too.

The money went and they’ve more or less been in free fall ever since. Shame really but I always look out for their results.

They probably have one of the best set ups outside of the Welsh Premier League but just haven’t been able to get it right on the pitch.