James MILNER: 2021/22

First Name: James
Surname: Milner
Squad number: 7
Position: Midfield
Height: 1.76m
Weight: 70 kg
D.O.B.: 04.01.1986.
Town of Birth: Horsforth
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

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Best free transfer ever.

And Messi.


James Milner covered more ground (12.65km) than any other player in the first round of 2021/22 Premier League fixtures.


He’s a monster. Just so happy we have him even at his advanced age.
Legs have gone my arse! :rofl:


I desperately need to know if Millie is ever spotted in training this week.
This is due to getting my predicted team as near as damn it for this match. I was a laughing stock with my predictions for the Burnley match and I just can not afford to let that happen again.
Thanks in advance.

Didn’t train with the team yesterday, so I think you can safely predict he won’t start. No worries.

He was photograpphed in Blackpool Pleasure Beach back in 2015 :wink:

Not sure if that helps or not :rofl:

Great game from Milly today had Zaha in his pocket and god knows he didn’t get a yellow card, love him


It speaks volumes about the current state of the club that Milner would prefer to hang around and get sporadic games at RB, or sub appearances to see out the time when he could have pushed for a move away any of the last two summers and we’d have let him.

Could be playing every week at a lot of Prem clubs still, could have gone abroad for a massive paycheck, but he clearly wants to be here and looks to be enjoying every minute on the pitch wherever and whenever he is asked to play.

Such a great player to have in our squad.


I know people will point to Gary Mac, but I think he’s the best free transfer we’ve ever picked up. I’d be interesting to see shouts for anyone in the prem to have landed a better one.

It’s good to acknowledge his off the pitch influence, and I am a sucker for that, but I think too much focus on that can overlook just how good a player he is as well.


Yes, best free transfer ever by a distance. Gary Mac was great but he was only here 2 seasons. Milner will have been here for 7 years by the time he leaves. We are really going to miss him.


I’m sure Arsenal fans could put forward a reasonable case for Sol Campbell, from their arch rivals as well must have made that one even sweeter for them. Chelsea have had a few decent ones over the years, Gullit, Vialli, Poyet and Ballack.

In terms of longevity and influence, Campbell is the only one I think is on a par really.


Yeah, Sol is a great shout.

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Milner has clocked 16,568 mins for us so far. Gary didn’t play anywhere near that.

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I have to admit, I was worried sick when I saw him starting against Zaha - I immediately thought about that match from a few years back that ended 4:3 when Zaha gave him a run-around. Today was anything but, he was bloody immense against him.

I don’t think it can be disputed that he’s club’s best free transfer ever and one of the best in English football. I’m aware that games like the one against Palace will become rarer and rarer because of his age and imminent injuries but I’m going to miss the tough bastard once he leaves. I wish he could stay on as a part of coaching staff, though. His tactical knowledge, dedication and sheer will to win cannot be quantified, I wish he could inspire Liverpool players of the future to be like that.



Not sure that Millies sprints count as actual sprints anymore. :wink: :joy:

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They missed the most important stat…sneakily blasting the ball at Palace players from 1 yard in attempt to get them sent off then getting in their face to tell them to fuck off. Millie was #1 in that one as well.


Disguise! That’s odd, thought we all know that he is a legend.