January Transfer Window 2023

I guess with the WC going on and a little more than a month to go, we can start posting and discussing January transfer activity…

Ola Solbakken from Bodo/Glimt to Roma on a free.

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Ronaldo from Man U to somewhere no one gives a fuck about on a free.

All I want for Christmas is a proper midfielder one who does not need 3 months to adjust but someone like Diaz (yes I know he is not a midfielder) who was ready from the start.

Thanks Santa …

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Qatar are buying them then, what I said about figureheads like Norman.

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Is anyone actually expecting us to do anything in January?

Have bad feeling we’ll see the crocks coming back as new signings before they find another part of their body to snap come Feb.

Perhaps at best someone from Europe who isn’t seeing much game time on loan.

ℹ️ @_ChrisBascombe: The reality is Jude Bellingham already looks beyond Liverpool’s means unless a new investor is found or another star player is sold. Liverpool could only buy Darwin Nunez and afford Mo Salah’s contract because they sacrificed Sadio Mane.

Said all along that they needed to shift Mane to give Salah a new deal.
FSG just wont buy a Bellingham or Rice as a) they have no one to sell first and b) they want out.

Didn’t we sell Sadio for £35m?

Amazing business buying Nunez for 100mill and boosting Mo’s contract from that money.


Sold Minamino for £15m so that nearly pays for Nunez before Add ons.
Nunez is only £100m if we win league, champs league, top scorer etc.

That’s not what was said
“Liverpool could only buy Darwin Nunez and afford Mo Salah’s contract because they sacrificed Sadio Mane.”
£35+15 is still way off Nunez nevermind Mo’s contract.
Bascombe must need the clicks.

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I think he is off to Man City he will cost Man City a fee we can afford well the fee publicised not the extra 50 million that’s been left off.

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Is this another where they claim they want him but can’t afford him because they are financial cheats

Gustavo Scarpa from Palmeiras to Forest on a free.

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It really hurts Perez that he didn’t get Neymar at the time…

Vinicius, Rodrygo, Endrick now… always after the next Brazilian “big thing”.


They’ve got to hope he progresses well.

Or it’s just more money thrown away.

A genuine question: when was the last time Real Madrid’s big money purchase flopped? Ceballos perhaps?

They are usually ready made buys though.

This is a 16 year old who hasn’t lived outside of Brazil, in fact this is a bit of a rarity for Madrid. Suppose Vinicius was the same, though he had played a full season for Flamengo and was 18.

Though I may be missing others.