Joe GOMEZ: 2022/23

First Name: Joe
Surname: Gomez
Squad Number: 12
Position: Defender
D.O.B.: 23.05.1997.
Height: 1.88m
Weight: 77kg
Town of Birth: Catford
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

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Virgil van Dijk on Joe Gomez’s contract extension:

“We spoke about it before he signed the deal and I’m just very happy that he’s staying at the club, staying with me. Also I’m happy for the club that he’s signed.”

"He is, in my opinion, [one of] if not the best English centre-back around. Obviously we’ve both been very unlucky with the injuries we had. Obviously his time will come again and hopefully this season he can show that.”


Now he needs to wear a Joe Gomez T-shirt…


No.2’s been vacant for a while. Previous wearers are Dossena, Johnson, and Clyne.

Centre back with #2 ;(

Whilst the worlds best full back has 66 :upside_down_face:

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Wonder why he went for number two so suddenly. Has been free for years. Wonder why now he’s changing it. Then again maybe superstition with getting injuries with number 12 and wants a fresh start

I know, it’s not optimal in my head either :smile:

Stephane Henchoz, Roberto Ayala…I think both were #2. Can’t think of anyone else.

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And Fabinho with #3. :-1:

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Yeah shocker from him. Lucky he’s fantastic.

He played at RB more than CB last season…

I doubt Trent’s ever going to change from 66. Only thing that might do that is if he started to play more as a traditional midfielder and the no.7 or 8 was available. Maybe then. But otherwise the 66 is just too symbolic.

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Good change, I don’t like outfield players wearing 12.