Jordan HENDERSON MBE: 2020/21

First Name: Jordan
Surname: Henderson
Squad Number: 14
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.82m
Weight: 67kg
D.O.B.: 17.06.1990.
Town of Birth: Sunderland
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

Article could also post to ex-Player Degsy…But this article once again shows the humility and leadership from our captain.


Also shows the real standing of Dejan in the team.

Middlefinger to all the so called fans who dissed him over and over again.


Thanks for sharing that story, and it might be fitting that it’s the first post on the new Jordan Henderson thread here.

This shows the qualities of Henderson as well as Dejan. Dejan got some flak from many fans, but in all honesty, he was a great defender for us. Never Virgil quality, but solid and very determined. I hope he does well going forward. Jordan is the ideal captain. He’s a good solid player - great at many things that people don’t notice - but a better person who cares for others and sees what makes people special.


This could go under Robbo’s thread, but I think it is more fitting in here as it is about Hendo’s personality.


As good as Thiago was Henderson played the pass of the match yesterday. That one long ball ensured we’d get the victory.

Over the last two years or so he’s hit those passes consistently from deep.


Is Hendo fit? Any updates on his injury - it has been quite on this fornt. Would love him to be fit for Villa and after International Break against Everton…

I think we should be able to beat Villa without him. So I am hoping that he won’t be in the England squad and back for us in the derby.

If he’s fine, I expect him to play some part tomorrow night and then we’ll see who starts on Sunday between him and Keita possibly. Villa look like they’ve definitely decided to play with 3 CM’s + Grealish in the left half space, so midfield battle could be important.

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Not sure Hendo is appreciated as much in the England set-up as he presently is at LFC…

Would serve them right if he decided to abandon any further involvement to concentrate on becoming and remaining the greatest captain this club has ever witnessed…
I know I know what you are thinking right now… But hey, this guys tenure/star is still rising…!

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An interesting read about the rise of our Skipper, with a short mention for Brendan’s Dempsey project.


Was great to have him back today, he was everywhere, all-action.

The side really needed him back + Thiago’s class. Looking forward to that mix in the coming weeks, hopefully no new injuries or Corona cases.


Hendo’s little baby


Note to Hendo: next time you’re on England duty, don’t let Pickford hold the baby, no matter how much he begs.


Or Adrian whilst with the boys!

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I assume that before he hoisted the little one up, he did the hendo shuffle?