Jordan HENDERSON MBE: 2021/22

First Name: Jordan
Surname: Henderson
Squad Number: 14
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.82m
Weight: 67kg
D.O.B.: 17.06.1990.
Town of Birth: Sunderland
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

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Jordan Henderson explains why Liverpool will continue to take the knee before games this season :clap:

Henderson: "There has been unfounded debate about why footballers are continuing to demonstrate in this way but there should be none. It is very simple – we are protesting against racism.

“The question should no longer be why are we doing it, it should be why wouldn’t we? This is a necessary response to a problem that we know exists and which we also know should not be happening.

“So I’m proud of my teammates when we take the knee and I also couldn’t have been prouder to be captain of this club when our supporters applauded us as we did so.

“It is only by doing what is right and coming together that we can achieve positive change and it is in this spirit that we will carry on taking the knee.”


Have a strange feeling watching this.

Well, he’s telling the truth, that’s for sure. It will get sorted - somehow :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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It’s time these pre match interviews had some rules, Klopp wants to talk about football and ends up talking about contracts and transfers. I mean did Norwich even get mentionned?
These press conferences are imposed (and obviously Klopp prefers to take them himself) I feel that the journalists should be restricted in the questions they ask.
It’s not like information is not available outside these pre match and after match talk shows.
Anyway Klopp looked annoyed and disinterested (at least at the start and exasperated at the end) by the question. We all know that talks are on going and when/if something gets sorted it will be communicated.
Another way to deal with this is perhaps some voluntary press conferences like preseason pre transfer window possibly with someone other than Klopp (a PR man). Someone who could afford to be curt?

One way or another. :rofl:

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Think Klopp wasn’t that overly bothered Gini left, would prefer to have kept him clearly but not to a certain level.

Get the impression with Hendo he’ll go to war with FSG over the contract, such is their bond and respect.

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Joyce and King paint a rather optimistic picture when it comes to Klopp’s expectations of Henderson’s new contract.

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I don’t get that, if that bond and respect is there I still think it took a long while to come about.
Btw I’m not saying your wrong but I reckon Klopp can see some advantages of Hendo leaving that he might not be able to ignore.

Like what? Would love to see your list.

I assume this is based on off-air comments then, not what he said in the clip from the press conference…?

Embargo part of the press.

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First thought is captaincy.
Then influence, Hendo now has enormous influence even with captains of other clubs, sometimes this sort of thing can create tensions.

I never felt Klopp procured the respect Hendo ‘demanded’ a lot of what he says sounds like lip service. It took Hendo a long time to get that more influential box to box 8 role he really is good at.
Put it this way, in Klopps eyes is Hendo a dead cert starter?
I reckon he has Fabs, Thiago and Kieta infront (maybe even AOC)

Wow, this is certainly a take on it…

We are talking about Klopp not Rodgers right? Klopp who has built his team on players with huge characters v’s Rodgers who cleared out anyone with any sort of personality?

Henderson played no.6 as a sacrifice for the team, when Fabinho came in he then had a small dip, came back as the no.8 and was pretty much player of the season. Oxlade and Keita ahead of Hendo? Come on, that’s just an appaling take.

First name on the team sheet when fit 100% he is litterally the embodiment of Klopp on the pitch. His drive and determination is a complete catalyst for our success, he is a multiplier… He makes others better, he pushes others to his standards.

A few quotes from Klopp about Henderson;

“It’s a great achievement and there’s no doubt that he is, and will be forever, a Liverpool legend. I am really proud of him.”

“Our story is very much Hendo’s story and you could see how happy everybody was for him when we won it and everybody wanted him to get the trophy and all these kind of things.

“That’s a massive sign from a team, you don’t have that a lot. So probably people always respect their captain, most of the time I would say, but respect and love - not a lot of them get.”

"Hi my friend. One of the big questions in football is ‘what makes a proper player? And what is more important – is it talent, or is it attitude?’.

I think the easy answer is ‘without talent you are nothing, and without attitude you will stay a talent forever’.

So you are the perfect example that a mix makes the difference. Who would have thought that a young fella from Sunderland to Liverpool with big dream would be one day the best player of the Premier League?"

"Everybody saw what a great player you are. Everybody saw what a great personality you are and what a great character you are.

I know the human being behind the player, you deserve an award for that as well.

“Many congratulations, well deserved. It’s an outstanding achievement. What a year you had, what a career so far you’ve had and the best news is there’s still a lot to come."

“In our team we had exceptional performances over the whole year, but the package with leadership, attitude and consistency was really special of Hendo this year. I’m really happy for him.”


that’s not how the relationship started though is it, that’s why I say there’s a hint of lip service.
In any case it’s just an opinion you respect it or not. No skin off my nose or Klopp’s for that matter!

Strange response, how they started has fuck all relevance to Klopp going to war for his captain to keep him here…

Always acceptable to have an opinion, but when its in the stratosphere of whatthefuckland expect to be called out on it.


You haven’t called me out on it. Your just refusing to accept the possibility!

I’m calling you out on an utterly bizzare stance, but you do like to play the “devils advocate” for a reaction.

I posted literal quotes from Klopp about Henderson to show it’s not even close to remotely possible. You’ve posted nothing but your own “opinion”

It’s not what people say that counts it’s what they do!

What has Klopp done to suggest that Keïta or Ox are ahead of Henderson for the midfield?