Jordan HENDERSON MBE: 2022/23

First Name: Jordan
Surname: Henderson
Squad Number: 14
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.82m
Weight: 67kg
D.O.B.: 17.06.1990.
Town of Birth: Sunderland
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English


It is quite weird that whenever Henderson’s position as a starter was vulnerable, especially 2018/19, his rivals somehow got wrecked by injuries (Ox in 2017/18, Keita in 2018/19, Elliott last season).

Any update on when he will be back?

It was rumoured at least 5 games he would miss.

Expected back against Brighton at home Oct 1st


Ffs thats the last thing he needs.

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Might be a good thing for him to get some minutes under his belt, get him match fit for Chelsea.

If he plays a part off the bench in both games I’d actually be in favour of that.

Our next game is Brighton. Don’t think we will play Chelsea this year.

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They would not have called him if he was not fit again. This is good news give him 30 minutes in both games and he can play for us ahead of what I expected. :+1:

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Or break him by rushing him back prematurely.

Utterly ridiculous :man_facepalming:

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If he is returning to full training then he will get more out of it and be more ready to play once our games resumes if he does that with England than with the shell of a group well have left over at Kirkby

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Did he play in the NL games? I wonder if he has returned to full fitness during the break.

Thought he played the last 5 minutes in the second match.

Social media has decided that Henderson racially abused Gabriel

Yeah that old chestnut…throw in the racial card…its bound to get you some brownie points with the press…just like some bitters players…who were found out to be fibbing…be very careful Gabriel…

Doubt Gabriel is worried. No percussions if he’s found to be innocent. Similar to Holgate and Bobby. Bobbys name dragged through the mud until innocent and Holgate gets off free.

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