Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund)

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As opposed to the way we have cleverly kept our interest in Bellingham top secret.

Good job they won’t be in the running for Bellingham then…

Ok we are worse than Man Utd at doing transfers.

Happy now?

Let people dream a bit have you seen what the new Government in the UK is like.

Don’t think that’s possible…

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No we are, the clubs atrocious, I don’t know why we don’t just basically buy League 1 CMs, no one else would want to come to Liverpool.

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Which Liverpool would pay without blinking.

Bellingham will have two years left this summer, and this is, as you’ve pointed out, the point at which Dortmund tend to move.

Dortmund are tough negotiators, but they are fundamentally a selling club. They will hold onto players, especially if they have let another big name go (like they did with Haaland) but at some point they will sell. They have to.

I’m sure they would love to tie Bellingham down to a new deal, as it preserves his value and keeps him at the club for a few more years before he leaves, still a young player. But Bellingham would be stupid to get himself tied down to a new long term deal that does give him a realistic way out to a club of his choice.

I’m sanguine about this, and I think Klopp would be too. If Bellingham turns us down because he could earn 100k more at Madrid, then he was never the right player for us. Klopp has a track record of swerving lads when he feels they are motivated by cash too much.

As it is, his family are huge Liverpool fans. He is a liverpool fan. He idolises Gerrard. His best mate in football is Trent and he has developed a mentor relationship with Jordan Henderson. We have Klopp, who is coach players dream of playing for. There are lots of reasons to think we’re in the box seat.

I think we would have no hestitation paying the 100m it will cost to get him, and we’d have no trouble giving him £200k a week.

If he doesn’t want to come because another club of offering him 100k more, and this is worth more to him that all the factors listed above, then no worries.


Underappreciated in the dynamic this summer was them knowing they were already committed to losing Witsel on a free (ultimately signed for Atletico). He was one of their senior players and Jude’s most common CM partner. The prospect of losing the two of them at the same time was by itself too much to consider regardless of the money being offered, likely even without the Halaand factor. After a year more to bed in some of the other kids and target new players its going to be a lot easier for them to face up to him moving on.


Ah but Henry dabbles in Dollars so it’s the Dollar vs Euro market.

What, the full whack without a second thought. Where they coming up with £90m with no one really to sell? 3x our typical summer net spend on one player and a contract to match that fee and they wouldn’t blink?

All this reminds me of the Mbappe chat from about two years ago. The same rationale of him loving Liverpool, money not being the main driver, Klopp being a big draw. That’s all well and good but money will be a big factor. And it’s not like City don’t have their appeal beyond money.

We’ll see but I have my doubts we’ll be in the conversation with the fee and wages it’ll take.


Anytime you cannot afford something just say the magic word - amortization

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Mbappe who we got so far along with negotiations he spoke to Klopp? Not doing that without there being the right level, of money on the table.

Not saying he would have chose us over Real, but we were in the mix.

But didn’t sign him, which I think is the point.


Yeah, we’d definitely have paid him €50m a year and €100m up front. It was just the weather and the shopping that kept him in Paris.

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More like the French President, but don’t let facts get in the way of your agenda.

He doesnt like that we’ve got partnership agreements with Cadbury’s and Monster energy drink.

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Do prey tell what facts you’re talking about because his wages are very much a fact.