Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund)

I’ll marry him so his partner prefers a move to Liverpool. Just need to run it by my wife first

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The only things I trust out of a Spanish press are grapes and olives.


More media noise. The stories will chop and change for months yet, unless by some miracle we make an agreement for Jude now (for a transfer in Summer).

One thing that they are right on is that the Real Madrid move will always be available in a few years, and that a move to Liverpool would make sense for him in terms of next steps. But nothing saying he couldn’t make a similar move to City, Chelsea, or Newcastle, all of whom could afford his fee.

Gut feeling is he likes the idea of coming to Liverpool. Whether bigger money or other clubs tempt him will be a case of wait and see.


Sport bild mixing it up today.


Thing is if I can write something I would generally dismiss it.

Bellingham not in the team today? It’s on!

Sadly it’s yellow card related.

I think a bid of £50m should do it.

Throw in Ox, Adrian, Phillips, Keita and Jones.

Ready made 5 a side team for them :rofl:

I just read an article by Neil Jones.

It’s truly atrocious, like it’s got literally no actual context to it.

No information just assumption and bitterness.

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Rats, spoiled my wank😩

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Maybe he got a yellow card on the weekend so he could spend this week pushing the deal through :wink::wink::wink:

Great use of grammar there, otherwise rats spoiling your wank would be a whole different statement.

We all know the tasteful inclusion of rats greatly improves a wank.


Don’t you mean punctuation…


Haha @SBYM

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Playing against his future manager later this afternoon.