Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund)

Fat chance. What on earth does “ready to join bidding” mean anyway?
Manchester United are ready to join the bidding to sign England midfielder Jude Bellingham, 19, from Borussia Dortmund . (Telegraph - subscription required)


I hope he goes somewhere else.

Jude will know that the situation we are in is also because we risked to wait for him. Maybe this counts for something.

Naive - I know. :man_shrugging:t2:

Means their fans can claim they are interested and then claim they turned him down when he goes somewhere else.
It’s us City or Madrid I feel.

I’m past caring now.

If he follows his heart, he’ll join us. If he goes elsewhere, it’s for the money (City) or the glory (Madrid).


Similar. Something in my gut says we should be looking elsewhere but I’ve no idea where and what. Two super hungry players instead of one headline statement.

Fair to say the squad needs more work than just one midfielder.


1248 posts on someone who we havent even bid for yet!

It’s because we don’t want to talk about the way the team is playing!

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If it is ONLY Bellingham, then I would much rather spread the fee on 2-3 other midfielders. Kone, Gravenberch, K.Thuram. For illustrative purposes.

If it is Bellingham, AND we can do another midfielder, say Gravenberch as he seems to be linked now, then bring it on. That’s what I would do.

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Fekir hell :wink:


surely you are joaquin?


Yeah, the correct usage would have been “we haven’t even bid for the fekir yet”

Agent Trent on the job… No idea how recent this is.

WC would be the last time they were both in camp together so likely to have been at latest last year.

TAA missed the games prior to the WC, so if not WC then probably comes from last summer

Unless trent went to germany to watch a match this weekend?

The only thing is the tweet never specifies when or where the photo was taken hence my suspicion that it is likely to be an old photo rather than form recent times.

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Close thread

It’s a clickbait article.

Getting Bellingham was always tied to us getting champions league.

That’s not susprising if it’s less likely now.