Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid)

7, 9, 8 and 10.

Bookies just wanting to squeeze a bit more cash out of hopeful Liverpool fans, before Real Madrid is confirmed.


Somebody wasn’t in school on the day they were teaching counting.


So if Liverpool bet £20m on Jude signing for us, we get Jude and make a profit…


Ha! I like it!

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bookie: “Sorry, John who? you want to bet HOW MUCH on Liverpool signing Jude Bellingham?”

Oh the fucking scenes, that’d be brilliant.

Liverpool Twitter is going to have a fucking meltdown if he goes for €100m, and it won’t give a shit that that will be nowhere near his actual fee.


Already seems the case; already people jumping on Klopp’s words today.

I’ll see how the summer goes. I do feel it’s not going be the best of windows mind. I do feel to compete FSG will have to accept outside investment for a percentage.

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Are you here just to piss people with OCD to have things in order?

Angry Rob Lowe GIF by britbox

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7 Diaz
8 ?
9 Nunez
10 Cody

Think they usually announce number changes with the kit launch… lot’s of replacements otherwise.

That would make sense though.

Is the 8 confused at coming after the 9? :thinking:

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Everything is a bit surprising. He hasn’t been out in ages.

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Or is 8 now self identifying as 0?

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The 10 and the 7 are in the wrong order.! :0)

It’s also bullshit, Khel literally said they’ve received no offers and an hour later all the bullshit merchants were saying it’s all agreed.

Not that I don’t think he won’t go to Madrid, that seems nailed on but the amount of shite taken as truth on twitter is at even more ridiculous levels.


He would be 0 once 8 takes off his belt.

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That’s one possibility. But it also draws a line where a fee would be considered too high. Wages too. Bellingham was never going to be cheap.

With no Champions League next season, questions then arise about the club’s wisdom in past recruitment decisions and the knock on effects.

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I watched the game earlier, Jude didn’t play at all, had some bandages around his leg, clearly not fully fit. But I suppose whoever is buying him is happy he didn’t play.

Dortmund were very poor. However a young lad Julien Duranville 17yrs looked very very good. Impressed me when he came on for Julian Brandt.

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Just calling in.

Don’t know why I’m here…

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