Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid)

Out of interest, what are the inherent advantages Dortmund had to close these deals?

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Immediate first team football would probably be the obvious one.


First team football was pretty much guaranteed as Mascot said. That allowed Dortmund to bid relatively high for him. Dortmund being outside the premier league also allowed him to retain flexibility over his next move, particularly if he wanted to return to England.

If Madrid want him they’ll get him. (And how would they not want Tchouameni , Camavinga and Bellingham as their new midfield ? )

I’m past getting worked up about deals that aren’t likely to come off.


Scary stuff but they’ll still have a long way to go to prove they can fill the shoes of Casemiro Modric and Kroos.

Never understand fans who get worked up over a player we never had but felt were entitled to…if we get him great, if not we move life goes on.


I really don’t get Madrid. They already have Valverde. Or does he play in the front three for them? But in that case they have Vinicius and Rodrygo too. Hogging talent ffs.

Edit: Also have you guys noticed how clued in other clubs have gotten to our transfers for a few years now? As soon as someone is reliably linked to Liverpool, the City, Madrids, Munichs and PSGs swoop in because our scouting team has been so good. Bastards are just letting us do all the hard work.


If the expectation is that we’re constantly going to be able to unearth players who can thrive at this level who other teams missed, we’re going to miss with those signings more often than not. We have to accept competition for the players we’re interested in, and we also have to accept that any good young players looking for a move will use our name to help raise their profile.


RM will go for Bellingham and if they get him, then offer us Valverde

I’d say 4 world class midfielders is a good amount… Can see why Real want him.

The reason why Bellingham will be thinking twice is… Can be break in to that team yet? I’d say no, he’s not better than those 3… Yet.

He comes here he’s an automatic starter.


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Agent Jordan you know what to do.

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So, is the inability to guarantee him or another young talented player regular game time something we should not have learnt from? I do think we have actually learnt from this, given the game time Elliott and Carvalho have been given.

Anyhow, I still stand by my comment we should be learning, rather than hating. :+1:t2:

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Our new blood money owners will come in and buy Jude as a welcoming gift and so the sports washing will begin.


Or that bloke from Microsoft, I noted in the article it suggested someone from the US.

No, we already give playing time to young players. That has never been an issue under Klopp. However, at Dortmund they get to be automatic starters from day one because the competitiveness of the league allows for that…but bringing in a 17 yr old from a lower division makes it harder to make that commitment when you are challenging for Premier and Champions league honours each season.

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So who are these young players we give game time to in the league. Apart from TAA an exceptional talent, Curtis Jones (infrequent) I cant think of anyone (haven’t fact checked) given a prolonged run. Rhys Williams maybe but that was down to circumstances.

I completely agree with the fact it is easier for a team with low aspirations to be more able to commit to game time but you tell that to Dortmund fans.
For a club - known to be a selling club - to spend £25m upfront on a 17yr old, is a very brave move. For most clubs including us paying that amount of money for a 17yr old must allow for regular game time.

I actually agree most of the points you raise. But, I still stand by my point that Dortmund’s model should be something to learn from. Same as the Red Bulls and some of the Portuguese teams. You could probably also include Brighton.

This summer is going to be dominated by the future of 2 players.

Jude and Mbappe.

Surely…SURELY Madrid can’t afford both these guys…leaving the other open to.go.somewhere…else.

That would be nice, I do think Jude would excel here.