Jude Bellingham (Real Madrid)

It’s very predictable that Newcastle would want Bellingham. They have new found riches and are probably ahead of schedule by making a good run at top four so far this season. They are only going to get stronger.

The other thing that I don’t like when I see them is that they are going about their business sensibly. In the past when teams have won the lottery like this, they have tended to spend recklessly, but Newcastle look measured in what they are doing, and have generally made good signings.

Bellingham would be a real signature statement for them, and I can see why they would want to do it.

I hope we have it in the bag, as the more we are looking like a team, and club, in transition, the more I wonder if Bellingham would want to come to us.

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As funnily unfunny as it would be, wouldn’t be at all out of reach for them when you think about it…especially if they can stay in the top 4…which atm looks more likely with every passing week given the shambles of every side below the team that occupies 4th.

They’d also have the spending power over every club in Europe other than PSG City Chelsea and maybe Utd.

But hey at least we got the fact that his dad is in favour of him joining us so there is that…Horaaaay…

Such views always make me wonder if I am overrating how well-grounded he is.

I’d like to think that a 19 year old who’s being advised by his parents who aren’t exactly desperate for money or instant success will have a longer-term view. And if the project is appealing enough, that one or two seasons wouldn’t matter as much.

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Listening to an Anfield Wrap podcast with guest Rory Smith - He says and I quote - Bellingham, Who I think LFC have no chance of getting…

They were talking about how Chelsea over paying of players will see prices sky rocket again.

Dont shoot the messenger.

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In addition to being an excellent young player with the world at his feet, he does come across very well, and I like the family aspect too. He certainly appears well grounded, and I’m with you on that.

With that said, a player can still be well-grounded and go to a team other than Liverpool.

I think sometimes we make the mistake of assuming we are the only sensible option, and if a player goes elsewhere then clearly it is for the wrong reasons.

As I say, I hope we have it in the bag. And ideally another key midfielder too, as the engine room needs more than one.

You misunderstand, he very well could. But I was referring specifically to the transition point.

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Unless we see an immediate improvement, followed by a sustained run of not only better performances but results to match, this young man isn’t coming anywhere near us in the summer.
I don’t doubt his heart says come to Liverpool, but his head will be saying I don’t want to be the best player in the new Spurs.


Yeah I think the whole CL thing is overdone, but he’d need to see some positive signs for the future. With an aging team, things in flux with ownership, and no guarantee how long Klopp will be around, he’s unlikely to see LFC as the next step for his career

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I would think he would have been given strong assurances on those points (and that would be continuing). Klopp isn’t going anywhere. We have already started bringing in younger players (and Jude would be seen as very much be part of that new core).

For me, the biggest area of concern is probably around our front line. Is it going to be capable of the heavy pressing our system relied on for years and can it get the goals we need.

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Well, Diaz and Jota are pressers for sure, and can go on doing that for the next five years if they stay in good health. Nunez and Gakpo not yet, but have all the potential to do so, at least Klopp (apparently) thinks so. So the answer would be yes.

I think it’s often a sense we get that’s ignoring how many young players we do have, because a) some of them are too young, and b) the ageing ones are more evident and overshadow and give a more generalized impression of ageing.

On the ageing spectrum we have players like Millie, Hendo, Thiago, and (more performance wise than actual age) Fabinho.

On the other spectrum, Trent is actually still young, so is Nunez, Konate and even Gakpo, while Diaz, Jota and Robbo may not be as young but definitely not classified as ageing.
That’s already 6 players right there, along with Bellingham it’s 7, plus whoever comes along in the same window will surely not be an ageing couple of players.

If the other three starting XI players that won’t be considered young are Alisson, Salah and Van Dijk, I don’t think he’ll see it as an issue.

Plus with all the young blood that’s developing these next couple of years (Harvey, Bacjetic, Carvalho, Ramsey, Doak), all of this doesn’t really paint an ageing squad picture.

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He’d be stupid to go to City now…


The Athletic / Pearce trying to worm their / his way back in favour, or is this the sort of thing that annoyed Klopp?
Real Madrid believe England midfielder Jude Bellingham, 19, will choose to move to the Premier League when he leaves Borussia Dortmund . (Athletic - subscription required)

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Jude Bellingham leads Bundesliga with duels won & he added 13 more today,
Today vs Weder Bremen
77 touches
86% pass accuracy
2 key passes
3/3 successful long balls
9/13 successful dribbles (!)
13/18 successful duels won
6 ball recoveries
2 tackles.

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He really is an exceptional talent, he has no weakness.


He has 5 weaknesses. He’s been linked with mu, city, rm, chelsea and psg.

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It seems like it’s down to 3 main candidates; us, City and Real.

But of course, by next summer many things are still possible.

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Pass completion and winning aeriels by the looks of it

Not sure we need Bellingham to be a drastically above-average aerial presence, tbf.

Pass completion could be a product of style, trying higher risk/higher reward passes.

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The weakness would be saying yes to any of them!

Believe in the Jude…

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