Jürgen Klopp: Liverpool Legend

I really like that! Where did you get it?

Are Adidas allowed to do that?

If they aren’t, their lawyers need replacing.

Only 14 were released but @jackdesigns_uk on Twitter

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Don’t think it’s adidas sanctioned :joy:

Murky. You might have it impounded.

Suppose we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Presume it’s just a knock off Adidas like something you’d get from China.

Hopefully be okay

It’s so funny that it’s a knock off Adidas shirt with the name of the trainer of a Nike team on it.

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Well , minor details. It’s the thought that counts.

Where’s the rip off jersey money John ?

Head down to Greatie (Great Homer Street) Market on Saturday morning… you will be able to get as many of them Jurgen tops that you want… :wink:

Certain things and details I’ve noticed before, fall into place now, after Klopp’s announcement. The one that there were no embargo parts of the press-conference anymore since the start of this season.

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And so the tribute/analysis/pre-post-mortem continue to pour. I liked this one.


In USA, “Premier League Mornings” is doing an hour pre-game show, and tribute to Jurgen Klopp.

I’ve already shed a few tears.


New German advert - “My life could have been completely different”


Jürgen made it possible.


Top stuff LFC & over the moon with delight for Sven.

It’s moments like these where we can be most proud to call ourselves Liverpool supporters.


Another one who probably got too much stick over the years as England boss (not that he wasn’t well responsible for not producing what was expected) and the off the pitch stuff.

Glad for him, that’s a nice story.

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Fookin’ Leeds

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6 of those defeats came in season 20/21