Karlsruher SC vs Liverpool somewhere in Germany 17:30 BST

I don’t know anything about Karlsruher or the lineup from us but Liverpool football is finally back! :sunglasses:

It’s on LFC TV

Enjoy folks.



For German and Austrian viewers:


NB: When ServusTV showed our matches last year it worked with a VPN to Germany. I haven’t tested this lately (I live in Germany so it isn’t an issue for me).

Its good that lfc tv are showing the games. :heart_eyes:


I guess it would be those 45+45 games, two different teams in each half.


If it’s not at least 28-0, FSG out!

Can’t fucking wait…be good to see some form of football again, have activated my free months subscription on the main site so it covers all the pre-season games.


Very much looking forward to this. I love discovering new youngsters, seeing how our young lads have developed since last season, and discovering the new lads who have joined us this summer.

The quality during these games is never really amazing, but it doesn’t matter. It’s about the green grass, the crowd around it, 22 players playing with a ball, and falling in love with football once again! :blush:


And the reduction in pointless debate in random threads :wink:

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Shocked Schitts Creek GIF by CBC

Incidentally, “somewhere in Germany” is here:

Hopefully the builders will have done a bit of work since that picture was taken.

Hendo not in the squad as he hasn’t travelled to…somewhere in Germany…where we’ll be playing.

No shit! Where did you read that?

I see that Henderson is unavailable for today’s match.
Other than that it’s a pretty strong group of players that are on the field.
For me, Connor Bradley is a key player to watch. LFC still have no right back cover for Trent.


I hope this shite is soon dissolved, if they no longer want to be part of us leave and if they do want to play for us be available …


This is a pretty extreme outcome so it’s difficult to see anything other than them both moving on sooner than later and rather than it being a crisis being something Klopp is fine with.

If true, big season coming for Jones, Bajcetic and Thiago regardless of who else we bring in response to this.

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Or is it to keep the eyes on this game with no distractions…

If this is true, it’s hugely disappointing. I’m not going to rush to accuse until the facts are known, but how Henderson, of all people, could want to deal with these cowboys, I just can’t imagine. I can only assume that, if true, it’s due to Gerrard, which would just make it even worse.


bit of a strange one why they brought him over instead of leaving him at home like fabinho.

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Wasn’t the deal with Fab further advanced than it was for Hendo before we departed? Perhaps we had the intention of reintegrating Hendo back in the side had this all blown over.

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Becker is not in the squad …