Ki-Jana Hoever (CB/RB) to Wolves

Wolves are set to sign Liverpool defender Ki-Jana Hoever for a fee of around £10million, Sportsmail understands.

The 18-year-old Dutch youth international has appeared four times for Jurgen Klopp’s senior side in the cups.

*He became Liverpool’s youngest-ever player in the FA Cup when making his debut at 16 against Wolves last year. *

Hoever - who joined the Reds from Ajax in 2018 - signed a new long-term contract last summer and it was thought he could head out on loan this season.

However, he is now set to join Wolves on a permanent deal after terms were agreed between the clubs.

Wolves sold right wing-back Matt Doherty to Spurs this summer and Hoever is seen as an option on the right and in the centre of the defence.

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So, he might cost as much as Doherty with the add-ons included?

I imagine this transfer will be quite controversial. But imo £10m is really good money for a young player that we can’t give a clear path into the first team. I would hope there is some sort of %-of-future-sale clause or similar included. Wolves are quite thin at RWB (but also light at CB and in midfield) if Traoré is now seen predominantly as a forward, so I can see why we would let him go advance his career elsewhere.

Good move for Hoever and smart from our management to focus resources on what it takes to win now. Unlikely to be a move that hurts us long-term.


If theres a buy back option included , that will be a damn good move

Really disappointed!


Hoever doesn’t really project as a Liverpool-quality CB, and the potential upside for LFC of producing yet another good RB is minimal. If this is part of a deal for Diogo Jota, I think it’s brilliant squad management.


Me too mate. Has looked like a proper player whenever I’ve seen him. Not been hugely impressed with Williams at RB either.


I’m torn on this one.

I have had REALLY high hopes for Hoever - and honestly I’ll be wishing him well. That said, he’s only 18 and still has quite a ways to go to be a 1st teamer, and there are others in his way that are also very young.

I do think he has the skillset to play on a Euro calibre team, but we’ll see. Best of luck to him and if this is a good move for the club and all involved, then I’m happy with it.

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Whaaaaat? Williams is exceptional!


any chance there’s jota sweetener aspect i wonder

this move definitely makes sense for hoever because he’s gonna play

I really rate KJH. Glad he is joining the right club. Hope we have a buy back or something.

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Really classy player, looked like he would grow a bit more, but hasn’t. I doubt he will become one of those dominant overpowering CB, and will end up more like a Gomez type player. It almost seems like Billy has stepped in fount of his progress, as well as Sepp. I think it will be a good move, and great business from us if this has anything todo with Jota.

Good lad, but like i have said, youth guy would have trouble atm , getting minutes in our squad, Jurgen has selected Curtis Jones and Neco Williams to be the young players we are moving foward with, and i feel thats amazing.

Unfortunately for young Hoever, it would mean going and playing at Wolves, which is not a bad team at all to suit up in. Hopefully he builds himself up there and has a solid career

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Williams is more likely to be content with a back up role for the time being whilst Hoever was getting impatient to play football. No slight on Hoever, totally understandable, but also understandable that he wouldn’t get it here.

There’s not much to choose between Hoever and Williams at right back but clearly Williams moved ahead of him last season. He’s had some tough games recently but has also shown his quality at other times, which is pretty standard for any kid coming through (Trent, the world’s best right back, had some absolute stinkers).

Not only is Williams there, we have Milner plus a load of other midfielders who can fill in at right back. Young Connor Bradley has been seen training with the first team too, which might have some relevance to this deal. We have a number of young centre backs who are 3 or 4 inches taller than Hoever and probably more likely to get a game there than he is.

It’s disappointing to lose such a talented player but it makes a ton of sense if it means we can improve our best 18-20 players. It also goes to show other young kids that we won’t stand in their way and are able to secure them good moves.


Noooooooooooooo!!! That’s one of the Spellcheck Twins gone.

We’re just down to Baby now.


As long as there is a reasonable buyback clause, I don’t have a problem with this. He was unlikely to see much match time this season, anyway.

Like many others I’m a bit sad and sour about this. But let’s be practical.

KJH along with that Algerian kid and Brewster are in an awkward position. They are too good to be with the U23 but not good enough, yet, to deserve considerable games with the seniors.

While a loan deal may seem idea in such situations, it benefits none other than us.

So yeah, I’m gutted that a young player is leaving. I’m such a romantic and my dream team is always made up of academy players.

But deep down I know it’s the best for the kid. It’s kinda like when your kids move out, it’s hurts awfully but it’s for the best.


Looked like a great prospect and sad to see him leave but if his pathway is blocked towards the first team and we need to move things around to invest in other area’s of the squad,then i trust the judgement of Klopp and Edwards to let the boy leave,still good business for £10mill (and probably a % sell on or other add ons) for a £90k investment.Good luck to the kid.


This seems to follow the recent trend where we are open to sell youngsters on permanent deals as long as they don’t have a reasonable chance to break into the team the same season and we get a decent price.

Previously we often held on to young talent too long, probably because we were scared we might be selling the next Gerrard. Sometimes this meant that the player got stunted in their development and their value dropped. Then we eventually sold/released them when they turned 23-24 or so.

Personally I like this new strategy. It shows young talent that we won’t stand in the way of their development, while also probably netting us more money overall.

In the rare case where a player we sell this way turns into a star they will probably be well disposed towards us so we have a decent chance at luring them back, even when we don’t have a buy back clause.