Klopp's best signing

Feel free to move if necessary, someone asked me this question the other day. So I thought it’d be a nice discussion to have.

Who is Jurgen Klopps best signing?

Over the 9yrs the boss and Co have made some outstanding signings and we’ve all watched some great football from them.

For me for sheer value, ability and energy it has to be Andy Robertson. An absolute bargain for £8m from a relegated Hull side. I don’t remember Robbo having a bad game and the bloke just always does a fantastic job whenever he plays.

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Agree with Robbo as Klopp’s best signing in terms of money spent

The total cost of Robbo’s transfer was less than 8m as Kevin Stewart moved the other way for a substantial bit of money as well.

Apart from that

Alisson , VVD , Salah , Gini , Mane were all top top transfers as was getting Matip on a free.


Salah, Virgil, Alisson, in that order but very close.

Each one transformative for the team and essential to the successes we’ve had under Jurgen.

Robbo was an absolute bargain and is one of my favourite players, but bargain isn’t the same as best.

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I’m gonna answer this question in terms of which player brought me the most joy.

Mo Salah, come on down.

Best smile?



True. Klopp signed a fair bit of transformative players to make the team what it is. Robbo was one of those players as well.

He’s been world class for us , making a case to still be in the top 5 left backs playing now worldwide.

Virgil , Alisson make similar cases w.r.t their positions as well. As does Salah

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Mane is up there as he was the first major, important signing. We had no quality wingers and very little pace forward after Sterling had gone, the flop called Markovic and Ibe being an overrated talent. Mane was massive for us immediately.

Matip and Robbo can both go in the category of investment vs gained, especially the latter of course due to his incredible availability, consistency and becoming one of the best in his position.

Then we have Virgil and Alisson as two expensive, but big difference makers for the next level. Both hit the ground running immediately, the difference was noticeable. Virgil is possibly the best and most complete individual player of this team and era.

Salah must be in that bracket of course, but a part of me refuses to give Klopp too much credit for that one, as he himself gave more credit to the guys upstairs for convincing him to sign Mo. If Klopp was the star individual of the club, then Salah could be remembered as the star of this team on the pitch.

*joking of course for Klopp and Salah. :slight_smile:

Those 5-6 would be the clear top in my opinion. Players who have made a difference immediately and remained being important for years to come.

Gini was a success overall, but for me doesn’t come into that category as he took about two seasons before he hit a new level from 2018 onwards. Had it been better from the start, he would’ve merited an improved deal within the first two years, as that’s how we worked (unless you were an ageing player, which he wasn’t).



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People will say there are different ways to look at that.

Wrong. There’s just one correct way to look at that.

Ulla has been Klopps best signing!!!



Thing is that even if you discount the transfer fee paid for Robbo , he makes a case to be in Klopp’s top 5 transfers.

You could sign Robbo for 55m and he would still be an undoubted success.

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Just look at the times Pep Cheatiola bought wingbacks for huge money before going on a no wingback formula.

Left backs are hard to find. And to get a world class one for that amount is a huge bonus

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When it comes to signings, as I’m sure Klopp would agree, it’s very much a team effort. Klopp’s real value here is not identifying the player, it’s trusting the brains around him, pulling all that that information together and then working to integrate and improve the player. There is a reason why we’ve gone from signing absolute whoppers to barely getting one wrong under Klopp. It’s because thanks to Klopp the whole process works as it should.

Anyway best signings in the Klopp era.

Impact - Virgil Van Dijk

I can’t remember a more transformative signing for this club than Van Dijk. Klopp harnessed the power of Blackpool Pleasure Beach to woo Virgil, beating away virtually every top club in Europe. Once Jurgen had taken him on the Big Dipper, bought him an ice cream and sold him the project, the big man was smitten. Not even Southampton having a strop because Tom Werner got pissed at a do and started mouthing off could stop it. By January Virgil was a red, and suddenly a fun, exciting team was a deadly serious proposition. The signing of Van Dijk, and the way he instantly elevated everyone around him, was the point where I think a lot of fans thought at some point these are winning the league. A few months after Van Dijk arrived, Liverpool would be in a Champions League final, and might have won it had Sergio Ramos not shithoused Mo Salah.

The story goes that as the fee for Van Dijk nudged past £60m, a spooked Klopp wanted to back out. It was a phone call from John Henry, presumably with Tom Werner sitting in the background with a wet flannel on his head, a can of Irn Bru in his hand and look of regret on his face, to convince Klopp to forget the money. If Virgil was the one, they would get it done. He was worth every penny and more.

I’ve said it many times, I hate him. I hate going up against him. He’s too big, too strong, too quick, too good on the ball, loves fighting, a good head of hair. One of those guys that sprays on his top as well, so it smells lovely! When he runs past you, it’s like 'I can’t catch you, but…‘ Troy Deeney.

Value for Money - Andy Robertson

Who? Left back apparently. Scottish. Got relegated with Hull. £8m I think. Kev Stewart has gone the other way for about the same. Might be a smart bit of business. Can probably back up the real left back when we get him, and we might be able to move him on for a bit of a profit in a few years?

Considering at one point TransferMarkt had him worth £100m and rated as the most valuable left back in world football, I think this can safely be classed as the best £8m this club has ever spent.

Robertson is one of those players who’s worth is underestimated until he isn’t in the side and we remember what he is all about. Calm, great technique, Intelligent, and deceptively quick (Kostas is great, but you really notice the drop in speed - the quickness off the mark, in thought and execution) - and what a final ball. You don’t become the leading assist maker from defence in Premier League history without being able to play a deadly ball exactly where the striker wants it. It’s a testament to what a revelation Joe Gomez has been at left back that this is really the first time Andy has been out of the team and I’ve been unsure about whether to put him straight back in.

Unsung Hero - Gini Wijnaldum

When we signed Gini, one of the banter sites did a thing about Liverpool’s strategy being to buy all the attacking midfielder so no-one else could create a goal.

The club had other ideas for Gini, deploying him as part of workmanlike three man midfield, who’s role was to create the platform for the creativity of the full backs and the forward three to do their thing. I’m not sure it was Gini’s favourite role, and it must have been irritating to see himself consistently topping fan polls asking who we should sell or who can we improve on. But he got on with it, and his work rate, athleticism, intelligence and ability to recycle possession was integral to Klopp’s great team. The very epitome of sacrifice for the team, Gini would go away with the Netherlands, bang in a hat-trick and then come back to Liverpool ready to graft so others could take the limelight.

On one of the few occasions Klopp felt desperate enough to throw him on as an attacker, Gini duly scored two goals, dumped Barca out of the European Cup, broke Messi, and flicked the Vs at everyone who couldn’t see what a humble team player he was.

All Time Legend - Mo Salah

Mohamed Salah could fit into any category you like. But let’s put it like this. When we have conversations about Liverpool’s greatest ever player, that conversation will need to include Mohamed Salah. He is certainly the best African to play in the Premier League. He might be the best foreign player full stop.

Only Rush, Hunt, Hodgson and Liddell are ahead of him on the goal scoring chart, with the latter two well within his sights. For a club that is nearly 140 years old, most of it at the top of the game, that is some achievement.

It goes under the radar a bit that we are watching, in real time, the story of a legend - a bone fide all time great. Like if Bill and Ted were going through history to assemble the greatest Liverpool Team of all time, there is mo way Salah Wouldn’t be in it. Enjoy him, especially because this might be his least season. It will be a long time until we see a player as special as him again.


You missed Alisson.

Alisson just behind Van Dijk as the second most transformational signing.

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Think it is Alisson for me. Having a dependable goalie is vital. If you have a dodgy one then it doesn’t matter if you have the best cb around.


In terms of bangs for bucks, Robbo has to be up there. He went from amateur football, to Scottish League also ran, to Premier league make weights, and on to us. Every time, someone said that this Scottish lad is better than we thought without realising his potential, until Klopp saw him in our squad.

Matip deserves a mention as he was free and has been fantastic when fit.

Of the big money signings, VVD and Alisson were both transformational despite their record fees.

Salah must be worth a shout. Constantly brilliant and a surprisingly modest fee given his worth. He is 5th in our all-time goal scorers list and could still easily pass Liddell or even Hodgson.

It’s worth remembering that it’s the club that identify the targets but it’s the coach that gets them to perform.

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Can’t argue with any of the posts above, but Mané not getting enough attention.

That goal against Arsenal, and the celebration with Klopp, was when I turned from doubted into believer.

There were many games after that when he’s was both the best attacker and the best defender on the pitch.

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For some reason I thought he was already with us when Klopp joined but he was later. I almost mentioned Milner alongside Matip until I checked his signing date. There is probably another category for players that prospered with Klopp but weren’t signed: Trent, for example.

Klopp’s Best Signing…

The signing of his autograph for this young lad…
There is not a machine been invented yet that could measure the joy he brought to the boy.
What a special man he is - He will be missed more than we can envisage


It was nice that he mentioned him in his big interview, that he’ll have to explain to our friend Dara why this and why now.

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