Kostas TSIMIKAS: 2022/23

First Name: Kostas
Surname: Tsimikas
Squad Number: 21
Position: Defender
D.O.B.: 12.05.1996.
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 77kg
Town of Birth: Thessaloniki
Country of Birth: Greece
Nationality: Greek

Considering the way he has settled down and at the level he played last season, I expect him to play more frequently this season. Would be interesting to see how Klopp manages the minutes for both him and Robertson.





Man, did we ever have such a high quality backup? Defending, crossing, dead-ball, shooting; everything is almost prime Robertson quality.


He’s better at the moment.


I love the guy.

His eagerness, his agressiveness, his attitude. Then you add the quality from set plays.

Not scared to get past his man either.

Can’t ask for more.



Freeeeed from desireeeeee
Mind and senses purif…

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Very good from Tsimi in both directions. He might earn himself more game time here and there.

He was brilliant last night, sometimes he is raved about and I’m like what? But last night he was key along with Matip and Thiago.

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He is the only person I’m glad that he is going in NT duties. He needs these games.

No he doesn’t! Watch him get injured.

Robbo’s injured and off form and Kostas is our first choice lb right now.

He’s taken part in nearly every game.

Please don’t jinx him :pleading_face: :pray:

It was an anti-jinx.

By predicting an injury I have prevented it from happening because none of my predictions happen (apart from the one about us regretting not strengthening in midfield).

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Do I look like Darwin?

Hanging around in public toilets?

Greece has already ensured top-spot in their group and promotion to B League next season. Their two games during this NT window is practically meaningless. :man_shrugging:

He’s playing now against N Ireland, live on free sports

I have been watching.

This Peacock Farrell is a bit…shit

And? Did he remain uninjured?