Kostas TSIMIKAS: 2023/24

First Name: Kostas
Surname: Tsimikas
Squad Number: 21
Position: Defender
D.O.B.: 12.05.1996.
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 77kg
Town of Birth: Thessaloniki
Country of Birth: Greece
Nationality: Greek

The Greek Scouse. 61 games, 3220 mins, 12 assists

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Not on the pitch or on the bench tonight for Greece

Because he was suspended.

Ah, thanks :+1:

He wasn’t as good in the last few games as he was in his first couple of seasons. I hope he makes most of the games he gets, Robertson needs a good cover.

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Signed until 2027, which means he got 2 years more from his old deal. Ties him until he’s 31.



I like Tsimikas, but there is/was an obvious opportunity to improve the squad here.

He’s stagnated a bit and doesn’t suit the current system too well.

Not too bothered either way, but it does seem like the type of player we keep around for too long because he’s a good lad.

Tsimikas is a good second choice LB. Renewing him was smart. First off he’s done enough to earn it and second he won’t be on huge money that will stop the club from adding to the position if a better opportunity arises.

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A good performance to celebrate the contract extension.

Don’t mind him staying on. Robertson has been playing an incredible amount of football (while largely remaining injury free) and Tsimikas will get quite a lot of minutes in the cups and as a substitute in the league. Gives us 2-3 years to look at any long term alternatives to Robbo who will be turning 30 come end of season.

When Klopp and the managers feel that Tsimikas is performing better than Robbo (which might well happen considering Robbo is older and age does catch up to people) is the time when they look at upgrades over Tsimikas while either moving Robbo on or transitioning him to become a CB.

Also , the difference between playing Robbo and playing Tsimi isn’t as stark as the difference between playing Trent and playing someone else like Gomez where the playing style basically changes.

Considering Robertson will be unavailable till 2024, and factoring in our fixtures till then, Tsimikas is scheduled to play 17 games for Liverpool, plus another two for Greece. That’s over 1700 mins.

For context, he has played a total of 3494 mins for Liverpool till now.

20/21: seven games, 223 mins
21/22: 26 games, 1710 mins
22/23: 28 games, 1287 mins
23/24: four games, 274 mins

So he will finally earning his the money we are paying him … :innocent:

No he won’t, Klopp already explained it in his press conference and talked about some possible different alternatives, you should watch it btw.


Yup, I reckon he will give Chambers the nod in the League cup and the Europa Games.

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Anyone know anything about Chambers? Anyone seen the required 10 games?
@Sweeting maybe?

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He’s been consistently average since the start of the season and Robertson going down hasn’t spurred him on. On the contrary he was atrocious against Toulouse, his worst performance in a Liverpool shirt.

He must wake the fuck up, right-footed Gomez is performing better at LB than he is. Klopp needs to light a fire under him.