Leaving The Anfield Noise

Ever since I was a lad, I’ve secretly been a fan of Al Ettifaq. I know, I know. It’s hard to fathom. But amidst the chants of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, there was always an Arabian whisper in my heart. It’s been a long-standing dream of mine to host a forum for the club I’ve quietly admired since boyhood. And now, the dream has come true!

First Gerrard, then Henderson, then Fab, and now the have come for me. Now I know that this will disappoint many of you. I can assure you this is for the best.

Remember, change is the spice of life, or so they say in the Middle East. And what’s football if not a reflection of life itself? Yes, the website will bathe in hues of green, mirroring the opulence of Arabian nights. You might even spot a new emoji reflecting local customs – perhaps a cheeky little flogging and stoning one. And yes, some political threads might need to take a little nap. We’re not censoring, just… refreshing the discourse.

We are entering a brave new world of dreams, money, possibilities and money. A world where the East meets the West, where Red meets Green. Remember, when you walk through the sand storm hold you head up high.

In Salman bin Abdulaziz I trust.


How much are they paying you?


You’re straight away guilty of being a floggingist and a stoningist. Bloody millennials.

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Not surprising. Always knew you were a Saudi shill

Holding your head up in a sandstorm may be a bad idea though., FYI.

What’s the transfer fee?

If it’s juicy we could finally finish that mod/admin rebuild we’ve desperately needed for the last few years.


good luck at Al Whatdifuk

What the fuck man :exploding_head:. Please tell me that it’s a joke and you aren’t leaving TAN :pleading_face:.

I try hard, but all that sand has me in tears, mate, in tears! :dizzy_face: :rofl:

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How much we getting for you?

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where’s the ISMF1 money, John??


@The-AllMightyReds ears just perked up.

will Kopstar and LFC Eddie be allowed on this new forum?

asking for a friend…

Not sure Kopstar was banned.

This is a very good joke placed in the wrong section, right ?

I mean, if you leave because you are uncomfortable concerning ethics regarding the club, I understand and very much respect that; but I really hope you stay and not because you are a moderator.

But it’s a joke, right ? I mean, it is written as a joke despite the headline pointing to it not being a joke.

He’s being deadly serious, Magnus.

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Forgive me for not taking your word for it even though you may be right.


@ISMF1 In terms of timing, when do you plan to change the URL to thesandfieldnoise.com? Will there be a redirect?


Fuck I always knew the payday is going to come when I sign up to be a patreon of the forum. So do I give you the address to send me the camels now?

Walk through the sand storm - brilliant line

I am reluctant to say how much.But a combined Henderson, Fab and ISMF deal is estimated to cost £60,000,050