Leicester, the Foxes thread

So, this lot win the FA cup for the first time in their history. Well done to them (and take that, Chelsea).

As for Rodgers, it’s the first time I really start taking notice of him as a quality manager. A first serious trophy with a club considered as minnows, rightly or wrongly. I don’t like him at all as a person, but fair is fair: he has done a good job there so far.

Let’s see what this win has for consequences in the league. What will happen in their game against Chelsea? Everything depends on the question if our lads can win the next game in order to put pressure on them.


Happy for them and BR but I doubt he’ll ever be a great manager. Don’t think he’ll ever win something with a big club.

Might be able to get Arsenal back into the Top 4 when given 3 years time. That’s the maximum.

5th trophy in their history, well done.



They will still be seen as chokers if they miss out on CL again, especially after being in such a commanding position, twice!

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Rodgers has matured as a manager. No doubt he’s done a good job. Should have been no where near the LFC job but we fell off a cliff when his attention was divided between his personal life and football.
I was done with him for our club over that. Like Shank’s used to say "What do you mean your knee? It’s Liverpool ‘s knee! He shouldn’ t have had the time for extracurricular activities.


He won 9 trophies in a row with the Celts,
(which is impressive, although he wasnt competing against the other big team in Scotland)

but horrendous record in Europe though,
and very forgettable signing for the celts

history will be the judge of him

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I think a lot of their recent success is due to keeping Rodgers out of the recruitment process. I think Rodgers is a good coach and if he is given a bunch of talented players he can get the most out of them.

I know the owners have invested heavily in their new training facility. So they are in for the long haul. I wonder what is their vision. Are they satisfied with keeping Leicester a top 5-6 club or do they intend to break into the elite group.

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Exactly this. The best managers understand their weakness and surround themselves with people who fill in the gaps. If Rodgers has got to the point where he understands what he can’t do and is listening to people who can, then he could be very, very good indeed.


Cards on the table, I really don’t like BR. He gets under my skin but the evidence is stacking up now that he is a very good coach. He’s done a great job at Leicester. If he can get them into the CL he might even get the statue he craves. He’s probably already got one in his back garden anyway.

I was chuffed they won yesterday. A good club with an excellent ownership but what really got me behind them yesterday was their fans. They were fantastic. Created a brilliant atmosphere and it meant so much to them that they won. I actually found it a bit emotional. Stupid old fool that I am. I’ve really missed football with fans. Just a shame there weren’t any Chelsea fans in the ground. Or if there were I didn’t hear them.


Loved him here as the football was delicious. Stoke broke me but I’m really happy to see him flourish now. He can fuck right off with his dreams of CL football next year though.


Last night I kept the sound on just to listen to the crowd.

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I dont understand the hate to BR.

Good manager.

He came here too early in his career and did ok.

He will go from Leicester in a few years to an Arsenal/Spurs/Chelsea and will probably do well there.


That match yesterday, it was all about staying in it for Leicester, and you could see that in the first half. Chelsea had the better opportunities, some of them created by Werner’s speed and then blunted by his poor finishing. Took a wonder strike and then some top saves from Schmeichel. Genuine team effort with some luck involved. BR got them there, though. Seven wins from seven finals, he was not too modest to say to the press yesterday. He’s still Brendan, after all.

He’s better now, but he was a hell of a good coach when he was here, I’ve always said and will always say. Two points from a championship with Jon Flanagan and Glen Johnson as your fullbacks, before we ever get to the center backs and keeper. Give me a break.


I think yesterday’s result certainly adds some justification to FSG’s decision to hire him?


Ye and the fact that for the last 2 years he has got Leicester to champions league qualification contenders.

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And with any luck it will be two years in a row of bottling it. :hugs:


Would rather them get in than Chelsea


Hell of a good manager for us? Not for me, nope not having it.
He threw away a job he had no right to get by taking his eye off the ball. Compounded by 2nd string vs Real at Anfield did him for me.
He’s maturing into a very good coach but time will tell if he can handle the pressure ofmanaging a really big club.


Nah, not for me. He was far too young then and couldn’t cope with the pressure and the level of expectation. It clearly got to his head. In my book, it was a mistake from fsg to appoint him at the time.


Yes, he got the Liverpool job too early in his career.

Mind you, I don’t know what the alternative to Rodgers was? Another couple of years for Kenny? That would have been nice, but we probably don’t get Klopp.

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