LFC NFTs - thoughts

So the club are entering into the digital art world.

Does anybody know about these things and how they work and if they are worth it?

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They’re scams.


NFTs are dogshit pieces of wank.


No Fucking Thanks :-1:

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Ye so what exactly are they and how do they work?

Like I’ve seen the video but can somebody give me like it in layman’s terms.

They just look like photos you have on your phone / device

But how can they justify spending 100 on these?

And if they are an investment how exactly are you supposed to make your money back?

You buy a picture, you then “own” the Blockchain for that image. The image can be freely copied and duplicated, used by anyone, but your Blockchain cannot. You do not own the image or the copyright to that image, just the Blockchain which is essentially a registration number on a website.

You are gambling that your Blockchain will increase in value and someone will buy it off you. There is no tangible benefit to the “product” so it’s value is purely driven by the market’s desire to purchase it. This is why you have hype campaigns by those who own NFTs.

Basically, it’s another get rich quick scheme like Bitcoin, but just like Bitcoin the only real way to make any money was to get in at ground level and take advantage of other people entering the process later on. The window to buy Bitcoin and make a substantial return on investment was relatively small after public awareness started building and the same is true of NFTs. When you’re at the stage where John Terry is selling NFTs then you’ve missed the boat, just stay out of it.

Market manipulation by billionaires laughing as they take money off people who probably can’t afford to throw cash away. Again.


That sounds fucking mental

Why the fuck this shit.

It’s a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme for the digital generations. I have no issue with the club using them as a source of income even if I would never get involved no matter how much money I had. If this is how they help keep the prices for match-going fans from increasing then I’m not against the club from selling them. But once you understand exactly what they are, then I don’t understand why anyone would buy them.

Am I just getting old or is this NFT thing just utter bollocks?


Both? I think I’m in the same boat. I keep trying to think of things that I have done that form the same pointless waste of time. Pannini sticker albums? Possibly.

I’m still a bit old fashioned in that I regard things in terms of added value, or at least inherent value or utility. It might explain why I’ve never been into designer labels.

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As another thought, is my dislike in LFC being associated with NFTs related to NFTs being associated with a form of gambling?

I really despise gambling as it has ruined so many people’s lives. I accept that it goes on but, like smoking and drinking, I don’t want to see it promoted or associated with the club. (FWIW I was glad when the shirt sponsorship with Carlsberg ended).


My thoughts; I thought great this is going to be a good way to fill 2 minutes of my next English lesson with Seffi and Nicole who trade with cryptos and NFTs and will be amazed at my acumen at introducing them to something close to my heart relevant to their jobs. Then I looked at what amounted to sub-Manga level caricatures on the club website and came up with two minutes on the present perfect progressive tense in the passive voice because it’d be more thrilling.



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Wow, that was nearly as painful as any Mcity video.

Anyone know what the base prices is? The price LFC is selling them for.

Just checked, found this…

These will be priced at around ÂŁ56 with the club stressing that these NFTs are not to be seen as investments.

So they covered themselves, not an investment.

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Well what do you wanna know? More about Steffi or Nicole?

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Can’t really add to this. Spot on.

Loada pish.


So these things are popular…. A lot of arguments here against… what are the arguments for?

With the club saying they aren’t investments ar e you just buying a digital piece of art for £56 that everybody else in the world also has access to for free?

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