LFC NFTs - thoughts

As long as I can still watch the club and have a chance of going to matches it doesn’t bother me, I don’t like them but it’s more the people who buy them and big them up.

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No Fucking Thanks!

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With NFTs about the best I can think of is that it’s an investment in a club/business/organisation/service you believe in. As long as you have no expectation of RoI then fine.

Skimmed the thread but simply there’s much more to NFTs than just a picture or the picture side of it. You can build all sorts of smart contracts into them. NFTs can be engineered and provide real utility and value.

I see an opportunity for @gasband and his art :wink:

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I dedicate my art for the betterment of better food in stadiums


How much would you pay for my art?

  • GBP 5000
  • GBP 10000

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Imagine a product that could have its provenance questioned, the example I used in the Owners thread was very expensive wine from an exclusive vinyard. The owners of that vinyard may make a certificate of authenticity to go with the wine to verify its provenance, but if a forger can forge the label to sell fake wine then they can forge the certificate as well.

However, if you digitize that certificate on the blockchain (the technology architecture that produces cryptocurrency and NFTs) then the record of that certificate’s creation and transaction history is distributed across an entire network. That makes them if not impossible to manipulate, pretty damn close.

Images of cartoon cats or yacht club apes though? Fuck off.

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I get the technology and it is a clever bit of tech, but the tech doesn’t hold the value, it’s simply a means to record the owner of the thing which has the actual value. Regardless of whether there is a handwritten certificate or a high tech blockchain, the value is in the item, not the method used to record ownership of same.

On an aside, in your example, blockchain would do nothing to prevent somebody switching wine for a bottle of Lidl’s finest.

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Events, ticketing, memberships, voting. Loans, collateralisation, mortgages perhaps in future. Distribution of rewards, payments, prizes. Gaming, Play to Earn (predominantly among developing nations). Asia and South America currently. This will only get bigger.

There’s many use cases outside the core design art or collectible nature.

Whilst it perhaps can do all those things, it does not really mean it can do any of those things better.

Like many blockchain applications often a standard database is better. However given the buzz your more likely to get hype/investment/interest if you say I am using blockchain. There is a place but not in all applications it was advocated.

It’s no different to minidiscs or 3D tvs. You are only as good as the alternative.

Exactly. In this instance blockchain is only another, albeit high tech, method to do things which we already do, there’s nothing groundbreaking here. Plus, given the energy drain required in the blockchain process, using it for recording trivial things like tickets and memberships etc. seems like overkill and something which would be more cumbersome, energy inefficient and time consuming.

When we move on to NFT art and videos where you have a blockchain record attributing something to you, which you have no real ownership of, it can only be described as a glorified Ponzi scheme.

I’m not a fan of Crypto currency either, but at least one can see the purpose and practicality of the idea, despite the extreme volatility.

Blockchain to me seems like a really cool piece of tech that people are scrambling to find a real use for. To me, however, I don’t really think they’ve come up with any life changing long-term use.


We’re as much a ‘commercial club’ as any other top club in Europe. It’s embarrassing, but that’s FSG, and that’s football in 2022.

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Also Liverpool fans.

Give Mo Salah what he wants!!!

Ye we can’t have it both ways.

Fact of the matter is we need to be a commercial club

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Aren’t we donating 50% of proceeds to the LFC foundation which actively puts money back into local communities?

Not that overly fussed idiots lose their money, benefit the club and community.